6 companies that make being healthy easy

Nobody said that maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle was a walk in the park (although, walking is a great way to get more exercise!) On a serious note though, sometimes we all need a little help to stay healthy, whether there's a particular item of food you rely on to get you through the day, healthy snack delivery services you use or a brand of protein powder you simply can't live without. Here at Expertrain we're always going on about the companies we love, so we thought, why not share them with you guys! These are our top 6 companies that make being healthy easy – check them out as we're sure you're going to love them too, and let us know what you think!

Muscle Food

Looking for premium nutrition to fuel your 5K training or intensive workouts? We can't get enough of Muscle Food. They stock a huge (seriously, it's vast) range of lean meat, fresh produce, snacks and some of the best supplements on the market, all at really competitive prices. When buying online, it's often easy to fall foul of 'rogue traders' – if a price seems too good to be true, it usually is – and you don't want to end up with products that aren't the quality you expected. When it comes to health and nutrition, it's important to buy from a reputable company, which is why we love Muscle Food.

Musclefood Ltd

You'll find great weekly deals and discounts, an easy to navigate site and free delivery on orders over £75 when you shop here, so if you're looking for premium chicken breasts, steak, liquid egg whites or maybe a variety pack containing meat or healthy protein ready meals, this is your one-stop-shop! It's a great way to ensure you always have fresh meat and produce to hand, perfect for cooking up your favourite Expertrain recipes. The company is popular with professional athletes too, including world boxing champion Carl Froch and Olympic Silver Medallist Iwan Thomas MBE.


High protein, sugar-free ice cream? It's the stuff dreams are made of, right? Wrong! WheyHey! Have done what we have always dreamed of and created an amazing range of healthy, all-natural ice cream. We're always looking for ways to satisfy our sweet tooth here at the Expertrain office, but sometimes frozen banana just doesn't cut it (it is delicious though). So we're really excited at the idea of ice cream that won't hurt our waistlines or our healthy eating.

Made with whey protein isolate, a source of 9 essential and 11 non-essential amino acids, WheyHey! Ice cream is easily digested and a high quality source of protein. With no artificial sweeteners, this ice cream is diabetic friendly (yay!) and great if you're watching your weight. It can even help reduce stress – no, really! WheyHey! Protein ice cream is rich in tryptophan, which can reduce your stress levels, lowering the level of cortisone your body produces, helping you feel blissfully relaxed. As if we needed another reason to tuck in...

You can buy their ice cream online at Muscle Foods and it's available in three fantastic flavours – rich chocolate (our personal favourite), sensational vanilla and fruity strawberry. Why not pick up a variety pack and use it to create some of our healthy dessert recipes? Or pop into your local Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods Market or Nuffield Health if you just can't wait for delivery.

Protein World

Finding high-quality supplements online is no mean feat – how do you know the company you're buying from is a reputable one? We recommend avoiding online auction sites and the like and heading for Protein World (it's where the Expertrain team shop!)

We love their slickly designed, easy to navigate site that's packed with all the information you could ever need to choose the right supplements. Their range of supplements are all GMO free and includes blends designed to make you healthier, fitter, leaner and stronger – oh and more energised too, bonus! With a superior taste, Protein World's supplements use 100% natural flavourings, with no aspartame or artificial colourings, so they tick the Expertrain team's boxes, and we're sure you'll love them too.

Visit the site and you'll find products are neatly organised into six sections – Muscle, Weight Loss, Well Being, Tone, Strength and Energy – which makes it really easy to focus on your specific goal. We love their Energy section, with products such as Green Tea Extract Powder and 100% Pure Maltodextrin, great for a post-workout shake. In case you're new to the world of supplements, there's even a handy suggestion for what to use each product with. It's hard to stop at buying just a couple of things! We also recommend Protein World's Perfect Hangover Cure, great for the upcoming party season – just take one of their Lean Muscle Capsules, a Fat Melter Capsule and two pints of water; it really works.

We also love their next weekday delivery service; if you order by 2.30pm (Monday to Friday), you're guaranteed next weekday delivery, which is great if you're off to the gym or just on the go and need your supplements fast. With free delivery on orders over £100, get your pre-Christmas order for post-workout blends and well-being boosters in now to avoid the rush!


You're already reading our blog, but you might not have fully embraced what Expertrain can do for you just yet. We're the best fitness providers on the web, hands down! You'll find a wealth of knowledge in our blog, plus some pretty tasty recipes to boot, free workouts to keep you energised and of course our extensive directory of the country's top personal trainers, making it easy to find a personal trainer near you.


We launched our website earlier this year (after beginning Expertrain on social media in 2012) and we're constantly growing – you can meet the team here! We always stay true to our desire to inspire, inform and motivate you all. So try some of our healthy recipes, learn how to be happier, try something new such as bouldering or trampoline fitness or get active with our fantastic free workouts! We're even working on two new e-books which will be available soon – How to Run Your Best 5K and  the Weekday Detox, so get ready!

Bare Naked Foods

Bare Naked Foods are a Dragon's Den success story. The company pitched to the Dragons and received investment from entrepreneur Peter Jones, and from there they have continued to grow. Owned by Ross Mendham, the idea behind Bare Naked Foods was to create low-calorie alternatives to our favourite foods. Having always struggled with his weight, Ross wanted a healthier way to enjoy the foods he loved, whilst still maintaining his weight loss. He had a 'eureka' moment when he created delicious low-carb pasta that's sugar and gluten-free and low in calories, and Bare Naked Foods was born.

Today the range has expanded and now includes rice, noodles and protein noodles – all are available to buy in bulk through the website, which offers free delivery on all orders. Or if you simply can't wait for a delivery, pop down to your local Holland and Barrett or Morrisons where you can pick some up. Barenaked Rice is one of our favourites – fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and low in carbs, it's a great healthy addition to a cheeky Friday night curry.

The Expertrain team loves Bare Naked Foods as they make it easy to enjoy our favourite dishes in a healthier way. Why not try their Protein Noodles, packed with soy protein, with our healthy vegetable stir fry recipe?

The Fitness Foods Company 

Do you, like us, wish for you're own personal chef? If you're fed up of spending half your free time cooking or if you find yourself drawn towards unhealthy ready-meals on the way home from work, then there's The Fitness Foods Company. Their ex-Marco Pierre White head chef will prepare all your meals for you, each of which have been designed with the help of some of the worlds top fitness models to ensure they are as healthy as they are delicious!

The Fitness Foods Company which is re-launching their service on the 21st November, after moving to larger premises, provide nationwide delivery for their meals and can offer anything from a few meals to your entire daily nutrition. The meals are made to order in their Dorset kitchen before being delivered in temperature controlled packaging to an address of your choice.


Their menu contains many adaptations of traditionally 'unhealthy' meals with the 'forbidden' ingredients replaced with healthy alternatives, for example a Protein Pizza made using a base of pea protein, oats, eggs and a selection of spices and herbs. Meaning that not only is ther service convenient but also makes healthy eating enjoyable! To ensure that the food helps their customers achieve their goals The Fitness Foods Company team are always happy to answer any questions and design a specific plan around your requirements.

They are currently offering the chance to win an entire months food for free to one of the next 50 customers that sign up to their service. To register your interest and find out more before the re-launch register your email address at www.thefitnessfoodscompany.com. They also give regular updates on their twitter @fitfoodco


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