Fuelling your workouts has never been easier

If you've been following us on Twitter or keeping up to date with the blog, you'll know we've been posting plenty of workouts and training cards lately, and it's vital to fuel your workouts with high-quality protein and plenty of healthy options. In case you're lacking some inspiration when it comes to workout fuel, or just looking for a great deal when it comes to your healthy weekly shop, we've got some rather exciting news!

The Expertrain team are pleased to announce our partnership with Musclefood.com. Until 24th June, all our readers can get 10% off your entire order when you click through to the site using the button below and enter the discount code EXPERTRAIN. (After 24th June, you can still get 5% off). This is a really fantastic deal that lets you get money off high-quality protein choices, meals, snacks and more!

Who are Muscle Food?

Muscle Food stock a vast selection of lean meat, snacks, produce and supplements - everything is premium quality and at competitive prices, and when you include our reader discount, you're getting a really great deal! We love Muscle Food as the quality of the food they offer is top notch and their selection has plenty for everyone to choose from. So if you're looking for fuel for that marathon or post-workout snacks, look no further.

Fuel your morning run

Morning workouts are a fantastic way to kick-start your metabolism, getting your endorphins flowing, boosting your mood and setting you up for a great day. You're more likely to make healthy choices later on in the day if you get off to a good start, so go for a run, try morning yoga or hit the gym for a morning boost! Fuelling your morning workout is vital, and we recommend you eat breakfast as soon as possible after waking up. If you want to exercise on an empty stomach, that's an option, but you'll get more from your workout if you include some protein in your pre-workout breakfast. Muscle Food's High Protein Yoghurts are always part of the Expertrain team's order - we love the Powerful Yoghurt Mango flavour, which contains 21g of protein! Each pot also contains 7 different types of active cultures, which can help to promote healthy digestion. Entirely fat free, we love serving these with some berries or extra mango pieces - you could even use top your morning granola with a couple of spoonfuls, if you like.

Marathon snacks

High-protein snacks are vital if you're running a marathon this year, and Muscle Food stocks Quest Protein Bars in a wide range of flavours. Our favourites have to be the Mint Choc Chunk and Choc Brownie. With a bioavailable protein content of 20g per bar (wow!), each bar also has 19g of carbs and no added sugar, just naturally-occurring sugars. We think these are the ultimate marathon snack, ideal for race day or to fuel your training. Of course, you might be looking for a savoury option and Muscle Food's low-fat protein crisps are really yummy. Each 40g bag contains a whopping 20g of protein, they're low in fat (0.28g sat fat) and low in sugar. So they'll fuel your lifting, gym workout or long-distance run with a delicious savoury hit! Try the Chicken Protein Crisps or Sour Cream variety - so tasty!

High-quality protein

We're always telling you that adding more protein to your diet is important if you're looking to add bulk and build muscle, but it's also great if you're trying to lose weight - protein leaves you feeling satisfied, which means you're less likely to snack between meals. It's important to know where your meat comes from, and Muscle Food stocks a wide selection of healthy protein options. You can pick up one of their marinaded meat packs if you're pushed for time - we love the Marinated Chicken Skewers pack, available as a single 225g pack or pick up 10 packs to save even more money. These are great to chuck on the BBQ and enjoy with one of our gluten-free summer salads - yum!

If you prefer beef to chicken, you'll find Organic Beef Meatballs (fantastic served with zoodles and tomato sauce), Beef Stir Fry Strips, which are perfect in our stir fry recipes, and even juicy Extra Lean Steak Burgers with just 2.5g of saturated fat per burger. If you're following the Paleo Diet and looking for grass-fed beef, Muscle Food's Grass Fed Steaks are matured for a minimum of 21 days and you can really taste the difference!

Post-Workout Fuel

Replenishing your protein levels is vital after your HIIT workout, and whilst we don't normally recommend ready meals, we love Muscle Food's range of healthy options. Great for days when you've been working hard and then smashed your fitness goals at the gym, their High Protein Ready Meals are made with 100% natural ingredients and are ideal for a post-workout protein hit. There are more traditional options such as Steak and Stout Casserole with a massive 35g of protein per meal, as well as exotic choices including Chicken Saag with Rice (41g protein) and Oriental Beef with Rice (31g protein) - the Expertrain team's favourite!

Click through to Musclefood.com by using the button below and enter discount code EXPERTRAIN to enjoy 10% off your order - we'd love to hear what you bought, and any recipes you're going to try, so Tweet us or comment below.


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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 11th Jun 2015 at 14:26

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