Awesome Treadmill Workout

Lets face it, slow and steady doesn’t win the race! When it comes to staying in shape there’s no quick fix, but we think we know a fix that’s quick enough: Interval training & Hill training, thrown together to make the “Hillterval” workout. I know, creative, right?

Alternative bursts of high and low intensity activity side by side with the odd hill here and there will super charge fat burning, and improve cardiovascular fitness.

With time of the essence to most we felt it was right to give you all some help and put together a 25minute treadmill workout to save time and boredom. We hope you enjoy it.


Firstly you’ll need to set yourself a base pace. Your base pace is the lowest speed you’ll run/walk at throughout the 25minute workout.
We advise setting your base pace fairly low until you have a good idea about what you can safely achieve.  


The Workout

As an example in this article we’re going to say the base pace is 8.5kph


Minute 1-3: 8.5kph (Base Pace)

Minute 3-4: 10.5kph (2kph Above Base Pace)

Minute 4-5: 8.5kph (Base Pace)

Minute 5-6: 10.5kph (2kph Above Base Pace)

Minute 6-7: 8.5kph (Base Pace)

Minute 7-8: 10.5kph (2kph Above Base Pace)

Minute 8-9: 8.5kph (Base Pace)

Minute 9-10: 11.5kph (3kph Above Base Pace)

Minute 10-11: 8.5kph (Base Pace)

Minute 11-12 depends on how you found minute 9-10 – if this was you at your peak then repeat it for minute 11-12 and 13-14. Don’t increase if you’re uncomfortable.

Minute 11-12: 11.5kph (3kph Above Base Pace)

Minute 12-13: 8.5kph (Base Pace)

Minute 13-14: 11.5kph (3kph Above Base Pace)

Minute 14 -15: 8.5kph (Base Pace)


You’re now staying at your base pace for a while. No more speed for a bit, keep going!

Time for some HILLS - Take the incline level to 5 (or 5%)

Minute 15-16: 8.5kph (Base Pace) @ 5% incline

Minute 16-17: 8.5kph (Base Pace) @ 4% incline

Minute 17-18: 8.5kph (Base Pace) @ 3% incline

Minute 18-19: 8.5kph (Base Pace) @ 2% incline

Minute 19-20: 8.5kph (Base Pace) @ 0% incline


You’re nearly there – two more sprints


Minute 20–21: 12.5kph (4kph Above Base Pace)

Minute 21–22: 8.5kph (Base Pace)

Minute 22–23: 12.5kph (4kph Above Base Pace)

Minute 23–24:  8.5kph (Base Pace) – Cool Down

Minute 24–25: (Base Pace) – Cool Down




Progress is key but don’t rush it. Slowly build your base pace overtime. Perhaps aim to increase it by 0.5 every couple of weeks until you feel you’re really pushing yourself.



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