15 Battlerope Blasters

Battling ropes are an awesome bit of gym kit. Use them as part of a circuit, or slam them in as a finisher after weight training, and they'll blast calories and ramp up your metabolism in just a few minutes. Here are 15 best battlerope exercises to try.

The double wave

Take one end of the rope in either hand, face the anchor point, and stand securely with feet hip width. Bend your knees and then use momentum to lift the rope up and down. You'll need to work hard and keep the momentum going. The ropes will make a wave pattern - hence the name.

The single wave

Start as you did for the double wave, but this time move one side of the rope (one hand) up as the other goes down. Start by lifting one side of the rope up to shoulder level. As this side goes down, lift the other side, then keep going in a good rhythm and alternate sides as quickly as you can. Once you've mastered this, move your lower body by lowering into a squat, and then stand up again. This will bring the legs and core into play.

Rope slam

This powerful movement will crank up the calorie burn and keep your metabolism running high for hours after your workout. Try it as a finisher. Stand with feet hip width and take one end of the rope in each hand. Use your whole body to create enough movement and momentum to make this work. Bring your arms overhead and then slam the ropes down as hard as you can into the ground (really go for it!) Lower into a squat as you slam the ropes, and stand up onto your toes as you bring the rope back over head. It's a full body movement as you'll see!

Alternating rope slam

Just like the rope slam, but using each arm alternately in a rhythmical motion. Start with one arm overhead and one hanging loose, slam each side of the rope down and create a rolling wave effect, moving your hips and legs to keep the movement going.

Star jumps

Remember these? Performing star jumps with battling ropes makes them even tougher! Start in a narrow squat holding one end of the rope in each hand. Jump up, taking your legs out to the sides and swinging yours arms over your head (holding on to the ropes). Land in a squat position with the ropes by your sides, and go again.


Blast your shoulders with this snaky move. Start as before, but hold the ends of the ropes by your sides. Lower down into a squat, and then take your hands out wide with your arms parallel to the floor. Keep your lower body in place, and move your hands in to the middle line (don't cross them) and back out to the sides in a fast but controlled rhythm.

Overhead press with ropes

This is just like a shoulder press with barbell or dumbbells, but using your battle ropes. Using ropes will add a degree of instability to the move, challenging your core and all the tiny muscles of your shoulder girdle. Hold the ends of the ropes at your shoulders, making sure the ropes aren't slack. Press overhead so your arms are straight, and lower back down to your shoulders.

Squat to overhead press

Now you've mastered the overhead press using the battleropes, add in a squat. From the start of the overhead press movement, lower down into a squat. As you rise up, press the ropes overhead until you are standing with arms straight overhead. Lower the ropes to shoulder height as you drop into your next squat.

Wave with lunge

Start with the single wave as above, then step one leg back into a reverse lunge. From here, jump up into a plyometric (jump) lunge, and switch legs so you land with the other leg back. Keep this movement going as you perform the alternate wave with the rope. Get into a good rhythm and use the momentum to help you. Keep your chest up and eyes looking forward.

Wave with squat

Just like the above movement, pair the rope wave with a plyometric movement to really burn calories. Get into a low squat and start to perform the alternate rope waves. Once you've got into a good rhythm, add in jump squats, jumping up, landing in a squat, and going again.

Plyo squat

Take the ends of the rope in each hand and face the anchor point. Back away from it so the ropes are taut. Now lower into a squat, and jump up in to a jumping ploy squat, keeping the tension on the ropes throughout.

Grappler throw

Stand with feet hip width and keep your feet firm throughout this move. Hold the ropes one end in each hand and get some tension on the tope. Pivot your entire torso from side to side as you flip the ropes, just like you were trying to slam them into the floor either side of you.


Keep your arms together and move the ropes in a big circular movement, first taking them clockwise for 6-10 reps then changing to anti-clockwise.

Turning jumps

Stand with one side of your body facing the rope's anchor point and hold the ropes in front of you, one end in each hand, with both hands hanging down by the hip which is facing away from the anchor. Lower into a squat, jump up, and turn in the air, swinging the ropes overhead as you turn. Turn towards the anchor, and land so the other side of your body is now facing the anchor (you have turned 180*).

Lateral walk with rope wave

Bring some lateral movements into your battlerope workout. Start with the single, alternate waves as above. As you move the ropes, shuffle in a slight squat position to one side, then shuffle back. Move the ropes and your legs at the same tempo.

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