Fire up your workout with futuristic tech

If you watched 80s films and dreamed of the day we'd all be flying around on hoverboards, we've got good news AND bad news for you. Unfortunately, hoverboards don't exist (yet) but there are loads of new innovations in the tech industry that are changing the way we work, workout and play. Being prone to fits of geekiness inbetween lunchtime workouts and actually getting work done at Expertrain HQ, we thought we'd check out some of these amazing new bits of kit and see what they can do for your workout. We're not promising they're all affordable, but some of them are pretty exciting!

The futuristic bike

Check out this bike that's straight out of science fiction (sort of!) With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you just hook your tablet up to the bike and start pedalling away - you can explore pretty much anywhere you like, and the motion of the gyro means you can enjoy the sensation of mountain biking on some of the world's most exciting trails from the comfort of your own living room! Personally, we'd rather get outside, soak up some vitamin D and enjoy the real thing, but this has to beat working out on your average bike at the gym or that spin class, right?

Catch up on your reading

Ok, so have you ever wished you could read whilst cycling at the gym or running on the treadmill? Oh.maybe that's just us. It might be a pretty geeky idea, but if you've ever struggled to put down a bestseller to head for a workout, we think this nifty little gadget is the perfect solution. It's a clip-on device that not only looks cool and comes in a range of colours, it can also be used pretty much anywhere, from your morning commute to on cardiovascular equipment at the gym. It works by tracking your head movements and moving the screen text on your iPad or tablet up and down, so whilst it might appear to onlookers that the text on your screen is moving, it will always be perfectly still and readable for you!

The injury preventer

Available for pre-order now, RunScribe helps to prevent injury amongst runners. It's a small device which you clip to the outside of your running shoe. Every time your foot hits the ground, it collects data to analyse your pace and stride, identifying any potential problems with your running technique. Funded thanks to a popular KickStarter campaign, this gadget gives you an in-depth view of how you really run, including information on your pace, number of footsteps, pronation, contact time and footstrike type. The device learns more about how you run over time, getting smarter as you train harder. We say anything which can help to prevent running injuries is pretty awesome!

Keep fit gaming

Hailed as 'the next generation of gaming', the Virtuix Omni is aimed more at gamers who want to be more active, than gym addicts, but if combining gaming with physical activity appeals to you, this virtual reality treadmill could be just the thing for you! The Omni helps engage your entire body, keeping you in shape and providing a full virtual reality gaming platform - it's the first of its kind and it is compact, easy to assemble and surprisngly affordable. Set to become a must-have, the website is now taking pre-orders for the very reasonable price of $499 (around £329) - pretty good!

Wearable technology

As anyone who watched The Apprentice in 2014 will know, wearable technology is the future - although we're not endorsing any of the ideas on the show! We've all seen Google Glass and Apple's iWatch, but what about other types of wearable technology?

It might not boost your fitness, but the Hand Tree could help to purify the air you breathe, creating a healthier atmosphere and helping those who suffer from allergies or asthma. Designed by Alexander Kostin, this wrist-worn air purifier filters polluted air, releasing it back into the atmosphere. With an organic light-emitting diode screen, rechargeable battery and refillable carbon filter, this futuristic piece of tech could become invaluable for city dwellers and allergy sufferers in the future.

Adafruit's smart cycle helmet is another piece of tech to watch out for, although it's just a prototype at the moment. Navigating using your smartphone can be hazardous whilst cycling, but with this helmet, you'll enjoy an in-built navigation system with lights that flash on the left or the right, so you know when to turn! One day, we could all be wearing these.

Were you lucky enough to receive any fitness gadgets for Christmas, or have you-pre-ordered any of the gadgets in our list? We'd love to hear about your favourite gadgets and wearable technology, so get in touch using the comments box below or Tweet us to let us know!

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 12th Jan 2015 at 15:57

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