Expertrain's 2015 fitness trend forecast: 7 trends you need to try

Every year, thousands of us make exercising and losing weight our most important New Year's resolution. Every year there are new fitness trends to look out for – some stick around, and some fade into the background. So we thought we'd find out which top fitness trends are on the cards for 2015 – it turns out it's the year of the personal trainer! There are plenty of other trends too though, from bodyweight training to cardio tennis – so here's our guide to 7 trends you need to try for yourself.

#1. Cardio Tennis

The name says it all really – part cardio, part tennis. In case you're wondering, cardio tennis is designed to be a full cardio workout, as well as having the added advantage of improving your serve! The trend started in 2005 in the USA, in a bid to revive interest in tennis at a time when the number of people playing the sport took a hit. In 2013, the Lawn Tennis Association brought cardio tennis to the UK, with classes running in 850 venues across the country.

Cardio tennis involves a range of activities and tennis-inspired drills, performed on a tennis court to a pumping soundtrack. You can expect to burn over 600 calories in a one hour session, and there's plenty of fun and social interaction. Far more inspiring than a boring doubles match!

#2. Hiit

Hiit or high intensity interval training, focuses on working out harder and faster – it's not recommended for anyone who's totally new to fitness! It's ideal if you're pushed for time, and let's face it, who isn't? Instead of spending an hour at the gym carrying out a medium-intensity workout, you'll typically spend around 20 minutes doing Hiit – bursts of short intense exercise followed by brief recovery periods. For example, you might sprint for 200m then jog for 100m and repeat. If you're seriously out-of-shape, don't try this. For those who are fairly fit though, this tough-on-the-body training is an effective way to lose fat and get lean quickly. You could always try our morning abs workout or one of our 15-minute workouts for similar results!

#3. Personal Training

Yes, personal training is a top trend for 2015, with industry experts predicting that having a personal trainer will become more popular than ever! Working out with your own personal trainer costs less than you might think, and it focuses your energy and motivation, so you work harder. Rather than wasting your gym membership and not making the most of your workouts, choose the right personal trainer and you'll probably find you spend less time working out, but that the time you do spend is more productive, helping you to achieve better results!

Getting out of bed for a morning gym session is far easier when you know you have a fitness professional on hand to help you achieve your goals! Personal trainers will tailor a workout plan to suit you and also provide advice on diet and lifestyle, so make 2015 the year you work with a personal trainer!

#4. Functional Fitness

Think about all the ways that fitness can help you in your daily life and you'll have some idea of the basis of functional fitness. From carrying groceries to lifting heavy objects and even improving your posture as you sit at your desk, functional fitness aims to train your body to make everyday activities easier. It targets multiple muscle groups at once rather than isolating and focusing on one lone muscle group. Flexibility and balance exercises also form a major part of the training.

Equipment such as the Lebert Equalizer, available online, is an example of functional fitness equipment, helping you to perform squats, deadlifts, lunges and push-ups. These types of exercises not only build strength and stamina, they also boost your overall fitness and get your endorphins flowing, so everyday activities will seem easier and less stressful!

#5. Bodyweight Training

The good news is that if your bank account has suffered over the festive period, this trend doesn't cost any money at all. You'll be pleased to hear that the only equipment you need for this fitness trend is your own body weight; no dumbbells, weights or machinery in sight. The American College of Sports and Medicine's recent survey identified bodyweight training as 2015's top fitness trend, and here at Expertrain HQ, we're huge fans of a workout that can be carried out anywhere, without the need for specialist equipment.

That doesn't mean bodyweight exercises – squats, burpees, planks, push-ups and lunges- are easy, far from it! They're intense and designed to strengthen muscles and get you in shape. Standards for fitness are getting higher, and the rise of social media has changed our opinion of what a fit body looks like (1).

The best part? You can do bodyweight exercises anywhere; at home, at the park or even at the office – just make sure you also include some cardio for a full-body workout.

#6. Yoga

According to the American College of Sports Medicine's report (2), Pilates is a passing fad, but yoga is definitely here to stay! With so many different types of yoga available, from bikram yoga (performed in a heated studio) to ashtanga and hatha yoga, favoured by celebrities, there's sure to be the perfect type to suit you! Yoga generally focuses on bringing body and mind together, and there's a meditative element to most yoga practise that can really help you unwind and relax, whilst gently toning and strengthening your body, improving not only your flexibility but also your mood! We're huge fans of yoga, and incorporating yoga poses and stretches into our daily exercises routine is a great way to stay focused. Whether you sign up for a class in your area, pick up a DVD or follow routines online on sites such as YouTube, yoga is a top fitness trend for this year!

#7. Dance workouts

Dance workouts where you can learn routines from famous music videos seem to have been everywhere recently, and they're not going anywhere in 2015! Bonnie Parsons, former backing dancer and founder of Seen on Screen, hosts dance classes in London and Manchester, although there are copycat schools all over the UK. Building women's self-assurance is the key aspect here, with glamour injected into each dance class thanks to wind and smoke machines pus spotlights. So if you're seriously bored by the prospect of another running session on the treadmill and fancy learning the routines from Destiny's Child's 'Independent Women' or Beyonce's 'Crazy in Love', you might want to give this a go! It's a great way to tone up and boost your confidence.

These are just a few of the top trends for this year - others on the list include aerial fitness/trapeze fitness and bouldering. What will you be trying this year?

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 7th Jan 2015 at 08:41

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