5 reasons you need a fitness buddy

Motivating yourself to work out can be tough – particularly if your only free time is at 5am, before the sun has even come up! During the autumn and winter months, it can be a challenge to push yourself to get out of bed and hit the gym, or even go for a run. That's why a fitness buddy can really help to keep you motivated. It helps to choose someone who is perhaps more motivated than you; someone you can rely on and who will push you to achieve more. There are loads of reasons why you should consider getting yourself this season's best accessory (a fitness buddy) - here are our top 5.

No more lazing in bed

When the alarm goes off, that snooze button can be SO tempting....so tempting in fact that on average, most of us push it at least twice before we get up. If you're meeting someone at the park for a run or heading to the gym, you're much more likely to be on time, so set a time to workout with your fitness buddy and remember, you snooze, you lose!

Beat your best time

If running is your workout of choice, a fitness buddy can help bring out your competitive nature. Beat your best time, or just beat them as you run laps around the block, the park, or wherever else you like. You could always head to the gym for a treadmill workout on cold, rainy winter days. Wherever you decide to run, working out with a partner will motivate you and help you to feel more competitive.

If you're training for a half or full marathon, running with a fitness buddy will push you to beat their time and can help you to feel more inspired – if they don't give up, neither will you! We all need a bit of a push from time to time, and finding someone with the same goals as you is one of the best ways to ensure you don't lose sight of what you're aiming to achieve.

Make the most of your membership

If you're one of the thousands of people across the UK who have let their gym membership lapse, you're not alone. You joined the gym back in January as part of your resolution to get fit, filled with motivation and ambition! But then, reality kicked in.

Whether you regularly feel too tired after a full day's work at the office, have to travel in the wet weather to get to your gym or don't fancy a 5am start for a workout, if you're not making use of your gym membership, it's pointless to pay for it. But there is a better way. Find a fitness buddy at your gym or join together and you can motivate each other. You're far more likely to stick to and enjoy your gym sessions if you're working out with a friend - you could even sign up for a spin class!

Safety first

Running in the evenings after work can seem like a great idea when the sun is shining – it's warm, you've packed your water bottle and your favourite tunes are loaded on the iPod. When winter comes, it's a bit of a different story. Shorter days mean that most of us will be running in the dark, and if you live in a quiet area, or if you're a woman, you may not feel that running alone at night is safe. Running with a fitness buddy not only makes you less at risk of attack, it also helps you to feel more confident, which is what getting fit is all about really.

Even when running with a friend, you should avoid areas such as canal paths or old railway tracks at night, as these are usually set well away from main roads, and if you experience any problems, there may not be help close at hand. Avoid dark parks at night too – stick to well lit roads and side roads, where there are more likely to be plenty of cars and people.

Make training a social event

Who says you have to stop at just one fitness buddy? Sign up for bootcamp in your local park or take a class at the gym and you'll have a whole army of fitness buddies with one common goal: getting fit! Or grab a group of your best friends and head for the gym or park together for running, yoga or a medicine ball workout.

Pack some healthy protein bar snacks and your water bottle and make training into a social occasion – it's the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends. Weekend training sessions can be a great pre-brunch activity. Find a healthy, whole-food café or deli in your area and you can enjoy a well-earned, nutritious brunch after your workout.

We've come up with just 5 reasons why you need a fitness buddy, but there are dozens of others we can think of. Do you work out alone or do you need the motivation of a friend to keep you on track when it comes to keeping fit?


Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 3rd Sep 2014 at 10:48

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