No more moobs! Get pecs to be proud of with our tips

Man boobs, moobs - whatever you want to call them, they're the bane of a man's existence - who wants to look like a pre-pubescent girl when you could look like a chiselled Greek god? A study by the Belvedere Clinic revealed that 47% of men in the UK are unhappy with the appearance of their chest, with more men than ever before opting for cosmetic procedures to tackle excess flab in the chest area.

What's causing your moobs?

Around two-thirds of men in the UK are well on their way to obesity, so it could be excess weight that's responsible for your moobs. If weight isn't to blame, check out your hormones. A hormonal imbalance could mean your body is making too much oestrogen and not enough testosterone. Your GP can help prescribe treatment for this.

A few changes to your diet and lifestyle could help you wave bye-bye to moobs for good! Here's how:

Bye-bye fat

Ok, so spot-reducing fat isn't possible (we know, it sucks), but spending more time at the gym and eating a healthier diet can help you to lower your body fat percentage. What's a healthy percentage of body fat? For most men it's 22% or less. A blend of weight and cardio training can help you to achieve your fitness goals, and we recommend including up to 5 HIIT sessions a week. This will help accelerate the fat burning process, as well as giving your metabolism a boost! Diet-wise, try to include more fibre-packed foods as well as foods rich in vitamin B6 - these types of foods can help reduce oestrogen in the body. Cut back on refined sugar and processed foods - simple!

Stop slouching

Banishing moobs starts with addressing your poor posture. You're not alone, many of us spend most of the day slumped over our desks. Working out your core and back can help you to stand up straighter and improve your posture. Stop slouching and you'll notice your chest area instantly looks better! Focus on strengthening the muscles surrounding your chest and you'll improve your physique and stature. Focus on exercises which target your shoulders, arms and chest, such as pull-ups.

Build up your muscles

Bad news lads - endless bench presses won't shift those moobs! But the good news is that these types of muscle-building exercises can help to reshape the underlying muscles which can improve the look of your chest. Remember, increasing muscle mass means your body will burn more fat - but this doesn't mean you should limit your focus to your chest. Exercises which work out major muscle groups, such as pull-ups, squats, bench presses and deadlifts will give you the results you want!

Stay active

Keeping your testosterone levels high can help to wave bye-bye to flabby moobs for good. Did you know that scientists discovered a link between testosterone levels, waist circumference and body weight? Overweight men with low levels of testosterone found that they increased their testosterone levels when they did 150 minutes of exercise a week. Bodyweight exercises can be done at home, at the office - wherever! No special equipment such as weights or machines is needed, so there are no excuses! Crunches, squats, shadow boxing, press-ups and burpees are the way to go.

Eat clean

Adopting a clean eating diet can help you to see results from your workouts faster. Cut back on processed foods, foods high in saturated fat and refined sugar and steer clear of ready meals. Fill up on lean protein (chicken or tuna are great choices), wholegrains, fresh fruit and vegetables and other healthy choices. Snacking doesn't have to be the enemy - just make sure you're snacking on the right things. A handful of nuts, trail mix, yoghurt and berries or a piece of fruit are far healthier choices than processed foods such as crisps and chocolate.

You can lose those moobs - it'll just take a bit of time and effort, and there's no reason why you can't get started today. That way by the time your beach holiday comes around, you'll be flaunting those pecs with pride!


Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 21st May 2015 at 13:11

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