Gym In 30 minutes: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Workout

So you've only got 30 minutes to complete your entire workout? You can't afford to waste a second. Here's exactly what to do, minute by minute, to make the most of your half hour workout.

Minute 1 Grab an espresso, sip water, or take your pre-workout concoction of choice. Make sure you've got a bottle of water or an intra-workout drink with BCAAs to see you through the next half hour!

Minutes 2-5 Even though time is tight, you need to warm up. If you're about to do cardiovascular work, ease into it with slower paced movement. If you're doing to do strength training, mobilise with mobility drills and flexibility work. If your workout is going to be sports-specific, you'll need to warm up the cardiovascular system and do some specific drills to fire up movement patterns.

Minutes 5-10 It's time to pick up the pace with the first 5 minutes of your cardio, your first few sets of weights, or your initial warm up attempts at whatever your sport demands. The clock's ticking, but don't rush. Remember that it's better to have a short session filled with good form and perfect practise than to just go through the motions in order to fill the time.

Minutes 10-25 Here's the bulk of your session: a good chunk of time which will be enough for a set of GVT in the gym, 8-10 sprints on the track, or 3-5km of ground covered. Work hard and focus, this is definitely not the time to check your phone between sets or to take a gym selfie!

Minutes 25-28 That was great, but it's time to start winding down. Bring the pace down to lower the heart rate, calm the breathing, and settle the nervous system.  Run or walk to cool down, put your weights away, perform some stretching to ease the body out before you get back to work. Sip on water as you cool down.

Minute 29 Head to the water fountain to mix your post-workout protein shake, and freshen up (at least change your top) before getting back to the real world.

Minute 30 Look at that:  you did it. Under 30 minutes to hydrate, warm up, mobilise and recruit the muscles before getting a solid training session in. And now you're refreshed and refuelled, so it's time to head back (did they even notice you've been gone?)

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