Hire a personal trainer and then get the most out of them

As a personal trainer I value my product and am well aware that most people who venture into a gym would love to do so with a personal trainer by their side. The right personal trainer has vast amounts of experience, will know exactly what you need to be doing, and will make sure you get it done. So why don’t we all have one? The answer is simple. Cost! 

Personal training is a luxury that falls quite low on the priority list for most people. As training people is something I’ve made a living out of I have thought about this quite a lot and have come to the conclusion that most people can afford a PT. Now I know there are some exceptions to this but there aren’t many! Think about it – how much money do you spend each month on things that aren’t totally necessary?  If you can make a list and it adds up to more than £50 then you can afford a personal trainer and we will find you one. Click here

When hiring a Personal Trainer it’s important you get what you’re paying for. Results! 


Figure Out Your Goals

Before you find a trainer, know what you want out of it. Your fitness goals are absolute must-knows so that you can reap the benefits and really see if the trainer fits during your FREE personal training session. You’ll also find that setting goals will help with your continued success.

Make Sure You Fit

Sitting back and letting your gym find you a trainer is a schoolboy error. Gyms will judge you simply by looking at you to decide what your goals are before assigning you to someone. It’s also been known for gym staff to be financially endorsed by trainers in return for referrals which means your needs aren’t the priority here.

Be Mind-Ready

Yes, turning up to your first session is a start but if you turn up with a bad attitude towards your training you’ll struggle to get going. Arrive motivated, psyched, ready to go and ready to sweat.

Be Vocal

Communication between you and your trainer is key to your on-going success. Remember – everyone is different and what works for someone else might not be working for you. If you feel like something isn’t going well then let your trainer know. He/she isn’t a mind reader! 

Measure And Record 

Any good trainer will be able to take measurements for you in order to see the results coming in. If you’re looking to lose body fat then doing regular body fat percentage tests is the obvious thing to do. Let’s be honest – we don’t want to workout if there’s no point.  Results are what will keep you going back so keep looking at them! 

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