Hotel room workouts for the smallest of spaces

If you're off on holiday, or travelling for work, your regular workouts don't need to suffer. Here's a hotel room workout with no kit (and little space) needed!

It can be tempting to let your workout routine slide when you're on holiday or on the road for work. Don't do it! Here's how to be one of the super-focused, super-fit types who can maintain their lean, strong physique wherever they are in the world.


What you need for the hotel room workout

  1. Enough space to move forwards, backwards and laterally

  2. A firm surface like a desk, table or solid chair

  3. That's it! Couldn't be simpler. You already have the best bit of kit right with you: your own body weight. Ready? Let's go.


Exercise 1: press up (As seen in main image)

Lie face down and get into a press up position: hands beneath shoulders but wider than shoulder-width, feet supported on toes, back straight and core engaged. Lower your chest to the floor, thinking about taking your sternum to the floor between your hands. From the bottom position, press up as explosively as you can

8-12 reps



Exercise 2: plank hold

From  your press up position, walk your hands in so they are beneath your shoulders, then lower onto your forearms. Hold your body still and steady, supported on your forearms and toes. Don't lift your bum or sag your hips. Think about a candle flame burning beneath your belly and keep your bellybutton pulled up. Breathe normally

Hold for 30 seconds


Exercise 3: down dog with walk out

From your plank position, place your hands directly under your shoulders. Push firmly into your hands and feet so you are in a triangle shape, with your hips and bottom high, and your weight equally through your flat palms and feet. Your feet should be flat if possible, otherwise just push your heels towards the floor. Think about keeping a straight line from bottom to hands, and bottom to heels. From here, walk your hands forward into a plank position, hold, then walk back to the down dog position.

6-8 walk-outs



Exercise 4: glute bridge

Flip over onto your back. Put your hands by your sides, palms facing up. Bring your feet back towards your bottom and push firmly into your feet, so your hips lift. Your weight should be through your feet and your upper back/shoulders. Squeeze your glutes, core and back at this top position, then slowly lower back down.

8-12 reps



Exercise 5: triceps dips

Up off the floor! Find a solid surface like a chair, or that weird thing in hotel rooms which appears to be for storing luggage. Sit on the edge, with your hands under your bottom, fingers forwards over the edge. Your knees and hips are at right angles. Shuffle your weight forward so your bottom is off the edge but your hands are supporting you. Send your elbows directly backwards as you lower your bottom down. Feel the stretch in the back of your arms. Power up to the start position to work the triceps.

12-15 reps



Exercise 6: step ups

Now stand facing the surface you used for your triceps dips, and perform steps up as quickly as you can whilst being safe. Either do 12 reps on one leg and then swap, or step up in a marching motion so you swap legs every rep.

24 reps total (12 per side)



Exercise 7: squat hold

Cross your arms over your chest and sit back and down into a squat, keeping your chest high and your core engaged. You could also use the wall.

Hold for 20-30 seconds.


Perform exercises 1-7 as a circuit and repeat 3 or 4 times. You can do this every day whilst you're away, or just 2-3 times a week. As you are just using your body weight, there's no danger of overload. Pair this up with lots of walking and you will stay in top shape whilst you're away!



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