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Getting perfect flat abs is no mean feat - we think if you've achieved it and have a toned, tight tummy to be proud of, why shouldn't you show it off? Following women who have already achieved amazing abs (and physiques) on instagram can help to motivate and inspire you, giving you the extra push you need on days where you're tempted to skip your workout and go for a burger. Here are a few of our favourite instagrammers to follow after completing our morning abs workout!



Image credit: @fakander

Australian fitness fanatic Fredrika credits her enviable abs and toned physique to regular yoga practice. If you're looking for reasons to try yoga, just a quick peek at some of her shots should motivate you - we can't promise it won't take hard work but the results are well worth it!

Bella Be Active


Image credit: @bella_be_active

We love flicking through Elena's instagram - she lists fitness, health, travel and sunshine as her four loves; four ingredients guaranteed to make you happier! Her account is filled with yoga shots, core strength and cardio workout snaps and even photos of her super-healthy and delicious looking meals - yum! Get abs like Elena's by focusing on core strength workouts - a great excuse to head for a yoga or pilates class this summer.

Ashley Freeman


Image credit: @ashleymfreeman

Dancer and personal trainer Ashley is passionate about nature and the great outdoors. Pictures of her travel adventures, her enviable figure and her workouts should help motivate you up off the sofa and get you working up a sweat at the gym or fitness class. Or why not take a leaf out of Ashley's book and head for a fitness bootcamp at your local park for a great workout and a vitamin D boost?

Tanya Poppett


Image credit: @achieving_balance

We've been following Syndey-based fitness instructor Tanya for a while now, and her inspirational quotes are always on hand to give us a boost on Monday mornings. We love this one:

"Make yourself a priority. At the end of the day, you are your longest commitment."

Tanya is clearly dedicated to keeping fit and her instagram is packed to the rafters with photos of her cycling, doing yoga, running and stretching. Get her abs by including plenty of full-body workouts and bodyweight moves that target your core in your fitness routine!

Astrid Swan


Image credit: @astrid_swan

Celebrity personal trainer and nutritionist Astrid's instagram is a fun mix of fitness shots, healthy breakfast inspiration, funny memes and motivational quotes. Our favourite quote is this one:

"Either you run the day, or the day runs you."

Her awesome abs and toned waist are down to regular core strength workouts and moves such as the side plank - bodyweight exercises such as this require no specialist equipment, so you can workout at home, even if you can't afford gym membership!

Elise Carver


Image credit: @littlebantamsurftrainer

Elise's instagram showcase her two main loves in life - rock climbing and surfing, with plenty of pictures of her in various yoga poses too. we love how relaxed she looks in all her shots - just goes to show that yoga really can balance your mind and body, leaving you feeling blissed out; not to mention, those ABS!

Fit with El


Image credit: @fit_with_el

Aussie personal trainer Elliott (El) is based in Melbourne and loads of her snaps show off the beautiful scenery of her home city. We love how down to earth this girl is, and how fab her abs are! She's definitely an inspiration to anyone looking to get fit and healthy. We thought we'd share one of her best quotes - this is most of us, down to a tee.

We love using social media for fitness inspiration, following women (and men) on instagram or subscribing to the best fitness YouTube channels. This is just a small snapshot of the fitness community on instagram, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of other women out there doing their thing and motivating the rest of us. We're always on the lookout for new accounts to follow, so if you'd like to share some of your favourite instagram-mers with us, then Tweet us or comment below!

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Date On 29th May 2015 at 14:15

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