Morning Abs Workout

The expertrain team has put together a morning abs workout (don't worry we won't be offended if it's done at a different time of the day). This workout strengthens your core by focusing on your rectus abdominals and external obliques. Start slowly as it's a toughy, but don't be scared to add more sets or reps as you go. 

We recommend doing the workout in the morning as not only is your brain half asleep and therefore isn’t aware you are exercising, it also kick starts your metabolism meaning just by exercising in the morning you'll burn more calories through the day. We also find it puts you in a ’healthy mindset’ for the rest of the day helping you eat and feel better.

Warm Up

The warm up is very important before any exercise as it gets your heart and blood pumping which will prepare your body and brain for exercise. The warm up for this abs workout is also quite tough so it will burn extra calories for an added bonus. Yipee.

High knees - 30 seconds

Get your knees up as high as you can with no break and pump your arms and get your whole body moving. You’ll feel the sweat start to drip very shortly.

Plank jumps - 30 seconds

This is a cardio based movement but will also engage your core as you remain in a full plank position throughout. Jump your legs in and out whilst trying to hold a solid plank.

Mountain climbers - 30 seconds

Again this will start to engage your core whilst improving your cardio endurance. Maintain the full plank/ press up position whilst moving alternate knees towards your chest.

Abs Workout

Military Sit Ups- 15 reps

One of the harder ab exercises to perform correctly but when achieved will really work your deep abdominals. Bring the knees tight into the chest and then extend your legs out again. Remember to keep your feet and shoulders off the floor at all times: no cheating.

Vertical Toe Touches- 15 reps

One of our favourite abdominal exercises as it does wonders in getting the perfect rippled six pack. Lie on your back put your legs straight up. To make it easier you can put your legs against a wall as long as they are at 90°. Reach up towards your toes pulling your abdomen in.

Reverse Crunch – 15 reps

Keep your legs up at 90° but lower your palms to the floor. Push your legs up vertically using your lower abdominals and pelvic floor, your bum should now be off of the ground. To make this exercise easier place your palms on the floor and push down slightly. When you can do 15 comfortably, remove your hands and place them across your chest.

Leg Raises – 15 reps

This exercise uses all of your core muscles and is a great strengthening tool. Lie flat on the floor and put your hands either by your sides or under your butt. Keeping your lower back pushed into the floor raise your legs up and down. Be sure not to let your feet touch the floor.

Diagonal Crunches- 30 reps

This exercise is specifically for your obliques and you should start to feel the burn pretty sharpish. Again, lie on your back and have your feet in the air at a 90° angle to the floor (see image above). Reach your right arm to your left foot and then come back to the middle position before repeating on the other side.


This is the last exercise and you will use your whole core to maintain this position. As the title implies you need to hold the position of a V with your body. If you are not flexible enough to have straight legs you can bend them slightly. And remember to lean back as far as you can whilst keeping your core engaged.

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