8 Reasons to go for a morning run tomorrow

Achieving the health and fitness goals you've set yourself for the year starts with small steps, and going for a morning run can be part of that. But there are more reasons to run than just for fitness - it can help improve mental clarity and bring you inner peace too. Whether you're a sprinter or a jogger, prefer running with views of the city skyline or a rural run by the canal, we've got 8 reasons for you to get up and go for a morning run tomorrow!

#1. Get some perspective

It's too easy to fall into the trap of thinking you're having a bad day, but going for a run first thing can help to give you some perspective. You might have broken your iPhone by dropping it this morning, but somewhere out there, there's somebody who is going without even basic necessities such as food and water. Putting your life in perspective in this way and taking the time to be grateful for the things you have, rather than taking them for granted, sets you up to be a more positive person. Take the time to appreciate the scenery around you as you run - use all your senses - and think about the little things you have that you're thankful for, such as your health, friends and family and food in your fridge. Think of it as meditation, on the go!

#2. Improve your self-image

How are you going to feel about yourself if you spend every evening slumped in front of the TV and laze in bed on your days off? Not great, that's for sure! Improving your self-image starts with changing the way YOU feel about yourself, not how others perceive you. Getting up and heading out for a run before breakfast means you'll start to see yourself as a go-getter, giving you discipline and helping you to engage in a healthy lifestyle with positive choices. You're more likely to eat well and stay optimistic throughout the day if you begin your morning with a workout, and the more you exercise, the better you will look and feel. It all starts with one run, tomorrow morning!

#3. Relieve stress

Starting your morning with a run means you'll already have achieved more by 7am than most people will have by lunchtime - if that doesn't set you up to feel good, we don't know what will! All that fresh air, sunshine (hopefully!) and endorphin-boosting exercise can help clear your mind and prepare you for the day ahead, so you're in a better state of mind to cope with any stress ahead. If you've had a sleepless night worrying about work, a quick jog can give you the boost you need to face the day filled with positive thoughts.

#4. Time to exercise

It's easy to find excuses not to hit the gym after work - you're too tired or you have other commitments such as looking after your family - or to come up with excuses to avoid a run on your lunchbreak. But at 5 or 6am, most of us have little other to be doing than sleeping, so there's plenty of time to squeeze in a morning run. You're more likely to come up with reasons not to exercise later, so fit your run in first thing and you'll know you have at least achieved something with your day.

#5. Kick-start your metabolism

Give your metabolism a boost by going for a morning run and you're more likely to enjoy an elevated metabolism for the next 24 hours, so you'll be burning calories all day just because you went for a run before breakfast! Running in a fasted state can promote fat burning as your body doesn't have any carbs to burn.

#6. Avoid heat stroke

Running during the hottest part of the day, at lunchtime, or even after work, when it can be muggy and hot, can put you at increased risk of heat stroke and dehydration. During the summer months when mornings are lighter and brighter, it should be easy to set your alarm an hour earlier and get outside for some exercise whilst it still feels fresh and cool!

#7. Lower your blood pressure

Research shows that running in the morning can help to lower blood pressure and could also help you sleep better. The average early morning runner experiences a drop of around 10% in blood pressure which can last all day, as well as a 25% drop at night. Great news if you suffer from high blood pressure (and even if you don't).

#8. Free up your evenings

If you're the kind of person who is too tired to workout after a hard day at work, get your exercise in early. Going for a morning run frees up your evenings, so whether you want to hit the gym or do some lifting - or even meet friends for dinner - you won't need to feel guilty that you dont' have time to fit in a run. Plus getting your run out of the way first thing in the morning gives you a real sense of achievement!

A morning run is great for body and mind, and if you're looking to get your day off to a great start, set your alarm clock an hour early tomorrow morning and get out there - we'll be doing the same!

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 6th Jul 2015 at 09:59

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