Get fit and get some sun this summer with our 20-minute outdoor workout

Yay, summer! Finally! We're enjoying the sun here in London at Expertrain HQ, which got us thinking, how do you fancy saving on your gym membership and getting outside for your workout instead? There are so many bodyweight exercises you can do without the need for special equipment and when combined, you can create a great workout circuit that gets your blood pumping, heart rate elevated and endorphins flowing - not to mention helping you tone up and look great for the summer. Preventing workout boredom is the key to staying fit and healthy, and by moving your workout outdoors you'll be doing just that, as well as soaking up some vitamin D whilst you're at it.

Need a little workout inspiration? Good thing we've got this 20-minute workout at the ready then - six exercises that can be easily modified, depending on your fitness levels. Spend one minute on each move then rest for one minute after completing all six, repeating the circuit two more times for a sweaty, fun-filled workout that should take you 20 minutes in total! Ready? Let's get started.

#1. Sideline Sprints

Don't worry, an outdoor track isn't essential for these sprints - you could use the distance between your house and the end of the street, or the distance between two lamposts.

Work it

Start at one end of the track (road) and sprint as fast as you can to the other end. Then shift into a lateral lunge as you change directions, so you tap the ground with your leading hand. Carry the momentum forwards and rotate into your next sprint - we're sure you'll have done these 'touch the ground' sprints when you were at school - continue repeating as you run back and forth for one minute. If you need to modify the exercise, slow your sprint to a gentle jog.

#2. T-Stabilisation Pushup

This version of the classic pushup works your upper body and can help to strengthen the arms, chest and shoulders.

Work it

Get into plank position with your hands beneath your shoulders, keeping your hips in line with your shoulders and your core engaged as you lower yourself down into a pushup. Return to the original position; as you do so, shift your weight to the outside of your left foot, stacking your right foot on top of the left, and reaching your right arm towards the sky - fully extended. Hold the extended side plank for a moment then return to the original position. This time, complete another pushup and plank to your right side, continue repeating, alternating sides, for one minute. If you need a modification, let your knees rest on the ground as you perform the pushups, and keep your feet wide as you side plank, to improve stability.

#3. Lateral Tuck Jumps

You'll need some kind of marker on the ground for this one, a pavement crack, a painted line in the grass or even a lampost shadow.

Work it

Stand on one side of the line, legs and feet together, and lower into a slight squat, pushing off the ground with explosive force - tuck your knees into your chest as you shift yourself in the air towards the other side of the line. Land, toes first, and be careful you don't slam your feet into the ground. Now lower into another slight squat and jump back to the other side - continue repeating for one minute. Need a modification? Don't tuck your knees into your chest; instead keep them lower to the ground, as you would do when skipping with a rope.

#4. Downward-Facing Dog to Spiderman Plank

This move works your core and lower body.

Work it

Get into plank position with your hands stacked beneath your shoulders, keeping your core engaged and your hips in line with your shoulders and feet. Lift your right foot off the ground and reach the knee towards your right elbow, shifting your weight onto your hands. Reach your foot back to the original position as you lift your hips back and skwards, into downward-facing dog position. Return to the starting position and repeat the move with the left leg, ending in downward-facing dog. Continue repeating for one minute.

#5. Walking Single-Leg Deadlift

Work your glutes and leg muscles with this move.

Work it

Use the route you set out for your first set of sprints, and stand at one end of the route with your feet together, tall posture and hands on your hips. Step forwards with the right foot, keeping your right knee slightly bent for balance. Hinge forward from the hips and lift your left leg out into the air behind you - make sure you keep your back straight and keep moving forwards; you should start to feel a stretch in the hamstring. Return to an upright position, bring your left leg down and take a step forwards. Keep your left knee slightly bent, hinge forwards again at the hips and this time raise your right leg out into the air behind you. Slowly return to the starting position and continue repeating for one minute, alternating legs. 

#6. Alternating Leg Raise/Toe Touch

This move works those core muscles, obliques and your legs.

Work it

Lie flat on your back, legs stretched straight out with your arms by your sides. Reach your right arm up overhead, and as you do so, use your core strength to lift your left foot up straight towards the sky, as you reach your right hand towards your foot - tap them together (if you can). Lower back to the original position and do two more reps. Now swivel your arms so that your left arm is now the one overhead and perform the move using the opposite foot. Complete three reps then alternate sides. Continue repeating for one minute.

Now take a one minute rest and then complete two more circuits!

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 23rd Jun 2015 at 14:00
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