6 kick-ass reasons to hire a running coach today

Running has never been more popular in the UK. A survey carried out by Sport England in 2012 (1), revealed that 1,981,800 people in the UK run on a regular basis, and the number of people participating in competitive running (for charity or otherwise) is also on the rise.

If you are considering taking up running, you'll find loads of resources available online. Soon, you'll be able to order our new e-book, 'How to Run your Best 5K' and you'll find plenty of running apps, YouTube videos and articles designed to help you get started training or ramp up your running programme.

However, we know it can be daunting trying to put together running workouts, particularly if you're short on time or suffering from a previous injury. Like everything, there is an easier way to get things done. We've already looked at choosing the best personal trainer for your needs, but what about hiring one who specialises in running? Yup, they do exist!

So why hire a running coach?

Working out with a fitness buddy can help boost your motivation, but what if you're new to fitness and need a little extra guidance? If you need someone to help you set and achieve goals, provide you with nutritional guidance and more, a running coach can be really beneficial. Here are 6 reasons why you need to hire a running coach today!

#1. Get a motivational boost

Pretty obvious this one, we know. Staying motivated is key to improving your running technique, stamina and speed, but consistency is just as important for excellent results. If you feel yourself lacking the motivation to go for a run after a long day at the office, or are constantly making excuses to get out of your run, a running coach can be there to give you the push you need. This style of one-on-one personal training can not only help you increase the amount of time spent exercising, it can also help to change the way you look at exercise. Results from running don't happen overnight, so making a commitment by hiring a running coach can help you stay on track for the long haul.

#2. They can help prevent injuries

Running alone means you need to plan your routine carefully; it's not as simple as putting on your running shoes and getting started! It's important to warm up and cool down properly, pacing yourself to prevent injuries from occurring. A running coach can provide you with a training plan which includes warm-up and cool-down activities, strength training and even nutritional guidance, plus extra prep for race days, if needed. Did you know that plans which include strength training can reduce your risk of injury (2)?

#3. They can help you make healthier food choices

An integral part of the personal training experience is guidance on what you're putting into your body. After all, if you're not fuelling yourself properly, how do you expect to get the most out of your workout? You know you need the right fuel to enhance your performance, but we all need a little extra help from time to time. A qualified coach will have the experience to advise you on how to fuel your body for long runs, the healthiest post-workout snacks and what you should be eating to keep you in tip-top shape for your regular runs. It's not as easy as it sounds, and a protein-packed diet is essential if you're going to be training regularly.

#4. They can help with goal planning

Most of us have a rough idea what our fitness goals are, and whether you're looking to lose weight, want to complete the London Marathon or are just aiming to become fitter and healthier, a running coach can help you to define your goals and put in place manageable steps towards achieving them. They can also come up with other, realistic goals that can help you to stay motivated and prevent you from becoming bored with running. Defining goals is easy when you start running, and harder as time goes on – plus working out how to achieve them can be a challenge!

#5. They can help with rehabilitation after injury

If you've taken time off running for an ankle injury or knee injury – essential in order to make a full recovery – you might need some help to get back into it. A running coach can look at the underlying factors which caused your injury and help you to try new exercise strategies which can help you on the road towards recovery. They'll also be able to advise you whether specialist treatment or physio is needed, and thanks to their experience, you'll be less likely to push yourself too hard and cause further injury.

#6. They'll improve your speed and performance

Sometimes it is easy to get bored with running and become stuck in a rut, just as it's easy to get bored with your gym sessions. A coach or personal trainer can help you to build up your performance gradually and can be a vital tool when preparing for a race. Working with a coach is a great idea if you're preparing to run a 5K or training for a marathon, but sometimes you can become satisfied with what you've achieved and need a little extra push to reach the next level. That's where a trainer comes in handy!

So there you have it – 6 reasons why we recommend you hire a running coach or specialist personal trainer today. There are plenty of other reasons too – and with the cold weather already here, you might be finding it harder to stay motivated and on track with your running training. You'll find our personal trainer directory is a great place to start your search!

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 19th Nov 2014 at 12:01
Lovisa Karlsson - 04/05/2016 - 15:40

Running makes our body fit and flexible. We have to go for  morning walk on daily basis in the morning and if possible in the evening because it is very good for health.

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