Say Goodbye To Treadmill Boredom

Ok, so we can all agree that running outside is so much better than the awful dreadmill. However we do understand that outdoor running isn’t always an option. It all comes back to time (or the weather if you live in the UK) and lets face it, we’re a busy bunch these days.

Although running outside will make us extremely happy, ten folds more energetic, and a whole lot less anxious, the indoor treadmill sweat sessions do have their perks. Did you know that treadmill running is actually easier than running outside? Who are we trying to kid? It’s so boring. The convenience of the clock and speed being there makes it kinda worse as well. What a drag.

Well here at we have had our thinking caps on and come up with a few different ways to make the treadmill sessions much more bearable and hopefully edging on enjoyable.


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The best way to pretend we’re running around the countryside is to crank up the incline a few notches. Best bet is setting the treadmill to simulate the inclines so you’ll never know when the tough bits are coming. If you prefer a set running programme then check out our “Awesome Treadmill Workout”.



Most people will agree that interval training is the treadmills bestie. It’s known for burning the maximum amount of calories with periods of both high and low intensity. Check out our “Awesome Interval Workout”.  Intervals are great. They’re tough but you always know there’s a little break around the corner.


A jog, run or sprint means something different to everyone so always remember to adjust to your own pace.



Should I do cardio before or after weights? < That’s what you’ve asked yourself before, right? Why not double up, kill two birds with one stone, light two candles with one flame (we could go on…). Grab a couple of 2kg weights and rep some bicep curls as you walk. Or you could hop on and off. Every 5 minutes of running you pause the treadmill, jump off and smash out some squats, push-ups or lunges.


Just make sure you pause the treadmill and it stops before you get off. Safety first!


Distract Yourself Through Technology

Create yourself a running playlist. There’s nothing worse than running in total silence. We’re all aware that music and television are excellent distraction devices, so why not use entertainment to your advantage? Make a mix of high-tempo and low-tempo tracks and change the speed of the treadmill accordingly.


We’re confident that implementing some of what you’ve read will add some spice to you treadmill runs. 



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