Seven Reasons to Start Spin This Summer

If you love getting your heart racing, listening to great music and pushing your body to its limit then Spin is the class for you. 

Spin is a cycling class held on gym bikes. Most gyms have specially designed Spin studios due to its popularity. An instructor leads the class by taking you though various speeds, positions and resistance to create an intense, but enjoyable, workout. This blog will tell you why it’s the class for you this Summer. 

1-Variation is the Spice of Life

There are a few types of Spin class; so why not try a few to see which you prefer. Whatever you enjoy, there is a spin class for you. 

SPIN (now in some gyms known as “Group Cycle”) is the true original class. It is unique to the instructor taking the class. They decide what music they are going to use and choreograph the class themselves. Spin usually works by increasing and decreasing the resistance and speed of cycling. It is a class for all levels and gives you a chance to work at your own pace. It’s also great as you can build a personal rapport with your instructor (maybe influence them to use some Britney every so often). 

RPM is the Les Mills version of Spin RPM is set to the rhythm of motivating music and is taken by RPM only qualified instructors. This class is good for those who like to see how they improve week to week as it’s the same music and choreography each week for 3 months approx. until the new music gets released. 

REAL RYDER has recently landed from the USA and is taught in a few gyms such as Lomax in Chelsea. Real Ryder is taught on bikes that move from side to side, so not only do you get an intense cardiovascular workout you get a full body workout. It’s not uncommon to do crunches and press ups on the bike too. Real Ryder is great for experienced spinners and also those who want a more challenging workout to  more current music.

PSCYLE London is a brand new spin class in London. It uses light hand weights to vary and utilise your workout experience. It encourages all levels to participate and discourages competition. It is friendly, effective and intensely enjoyable. This is a great option for all level Spinners.

2-Health Benefits

Whichever type of spin you choose the health benefits are simply fantastic. 

Firstly, it is a great cardiovascular workout: it strengthens the heart and increases lung capacity making you fitter and stronger. 

Spin is also great for weight loss: it burns a very high number of calories, on average 600 calories per 45 minute class. 

When intervals (dramatic increases of speed for a short burst of time) are mixed into the class it also makes a great fat burning workout meaning you will keep burning fat after the class has finished, which is GREAT news for all!

Spin is also great for your joints as it has low impact on the body. The fact you are on a bike means you are not hitting the floor hard unlike running which can cause knee pain. 


3-Stress Buster

There is no better way to rid of stress, anger and frustration than to Spin! The music, low lighting and flashing lights creates an immersive atmosphere making it the perfect place to take your mind off day to day troubles. The complexity and spontaneity of the workout makes your mind and body work together and focus. Plus, high intensity workouts have been reported to produce endorphins that make you feel on top of the world. As Elle Woods says in Legally Blonde:

 “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands”. 



4-Time Effective

Whether you’re an early bird, want to de-stress after work, or only have an hour for lunch, there is a time to suit everyone due to its popularity. Spin is also only ever between 30-45 minutes long (unless you are hardcore and find the occasional 90 minute class) so it’s very compact and effective for those of us that have a busy life.

5- Energy Booster

The best thing I’ve ever heard someone say about Spin is that they were more tired before the class than after. That’s because Spin gives you all the energy you need: energetic instructor, flashing lights and pumping music. The workout itself gives your body crazy levels of endorphins and gives you a euphoric feeling when you leave the class. The more you put in, the greater the result. But saying that, you don’t have to kill yourself to feel great. Spin is about working to your own ability – everyone rides their own race.

6-Lean Legs for Short Shorts

It used to be a common stereotype that regular Spinners had thunder thighs and bulging calves. The only way this would be possible is to strap 20kg to each pedal. Some instructors I know have had to up their leg sessions each week as their bum is disappearing (please note they are teaching up to 3 classes a day). So the only result you’ll get is lean and sculpted legs and a pert butt. Please be prepared for wolf whistles and feeling great this summer.


The last thing to say about spin is that it is ultra fun! You can go alone and soak up the atmosphere. You’ll probably pick up spin buddies along the way. Or make a date with friends and colleagues. Make it a weekly ritual. You’ll get to know the instructor and before you know it you’ll be getting up at 5am to make sure you can fit a class in before work as you’ll get that addictive buzz.


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