6 must-try medicine ball exercises


One medicine ball can transform your training, delivering a full body resistance workout which will shape muscle and burn calories. Here are 6 medicine ball exercises to shape your abs, back, chest, shoulders and legs.


Rotational throws



Here's where medicine balls really come into their own: throws. Great for developing power, explosive strength, and sport-specific movements, medicine ball throws are a great addition to your workouts.

Stand a short distance from a sturdy wall (indoors or outdoors). Using both hands, throw the ball from your chest with a rotating/twisting movement from the hips as you do so. The ball will bounce off the wall and you will catch it as it travels back towards you. Perform the next throw immediately, aiming for a continual throw/catch pattern. Throw to one side continually (for 10-12 reps) then perform 10-12 reps to the other side.

What this does: burns calories, raises the heart rate, works the shoulders, arms, back and torso (obliques).


Med ball slams



Great to add on to your chest or shoulder days, medicine ball slams work similar muscles to a bench press or press up but in a highly explosive manner.

Hold the medicine ball over your head and throw/slam it powerfully down into the floor in front of you. Use your whole body to get some power into the movement.Catch the ball on the bounce and immediately throw again.

What this does: acts as a cardio finisher, works the chest, back and shoulder muscles, develops upper body strength and power.


Med ball plank



Get into a plank position, with stomach tight and a straight line from your head to your toes. Have a medicine ball positioned under your chest. Once your plank is stable, pass the ball from hand to hand, rolling it slowly and aiming to catch and pass it back to the other hand in a continual movement. Concentrate on holding your plank with good technique throughout.

What this does: adds a challenge to the plank core exercise by bringing movement and instability to challenge the abs, back and shoulders


Medicine ball press ups



Using a medicine ball for your press ups challenges your body and adds a degree of instability to recruit more muscles.

Put both hands on the medicine ball and get into a solid plank position with the ball underneath your chest. Perform a press up but send your elbows back and close to your sides.

What this does: challenges your balance, recruits your core muscles, works the inner chest muscles and triceps.


One-arm med ball press ups



Perform a press up with one hand on the ball and the other hand of the floor. Keep the core tight and lower the chest to the floor, sending the elbows out wide as in a regular press up. Be sure to switch sides after one set of press ups.

What this does: recruits your core muscles, makes your press up unbalanced and unstable in order to challenge your chest development. 


Medicine ball chest press



This ab exercise will add power and weight to build strong abdominals. Stand in front of a wall and hold the medicine ball at your chest with both hands. Throw the ball hard at the wall in front of you and then catch it on the bounce, before throwing again. Hold the abs tight throughout.

What this does: works the abs and core in an explosive strength movement.




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