10 reasons to get your running shoes on

So many people have taken up jogging that it’s difficult to go for a walk without being overtaken by a couple of runners.

Here are ten great reasons to join them and take up running:

1. It’s perfect for staying healthy

Running strengthens your heart, improving how blood and oxygen flows round your body. Regular jogging also keeps your bones healthy and lowers cholesterol.

2. Get rid of the beer belly

Eventually all those weekend pints will show around your stomach. By working on your fitness you can shed the excess weight.

3. Reduce stress

Not much feels better after a tiring day in the office than going for a run. When the endorphins are released all of your worries from the working day fall away, improving your well-being.

4. You’ll feel refreshed

If you struggle to wake up then going for a morning run could be the perfect start to your day. Afterwards you’ll get a massive energy boost and will feel great for the rest of the day!

5. There’s no age barrier

Do you only see one age group out jogging? No! Running is a universal activity where you’ll regularly see people in their 80s exercising in the park.

6. It’s a cheap hobby

There’s little cost involved with jogging. After you’ve bought the essential pair of running shoes all you need is shorts and a t shirt.

7. It’s a great social activity

Why not go jogging with some friends? You’ll quickly be encouraging each other so you all go that extra mile and really stay in shape.

8. Take part in running events

The London Marathon is the most famous race in the UK. But if you don’t feel ready for to the 26.2 miles there are loads of half marathons, 10k and 5k races across the country.

9. You’ll see the great outdoors!

You can run anywhere, and there are fewer things better on a summer’s day than running on the beach or down a canal tow-path.

10. Make money for charity

It’s almost unheard of to take part in a race without raising money for charity. You can make a difference in people’s lives and inspire yourself to keep running.

You’ll only really see the benefits of running when you start. So why wait? Start today and see how your health and well-being rapidly improves.


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