The myth about weights and muscle bulk

All over the world, personal trainers are often left confused by the way that many women feel about hitting the free weights, and there is a huge misconception that lifting a few dumbbells will turn you into a champion bodybuilder. It has been proven time and time again that reasonably heavy weight training encourages the body to burn fat, tightens core muscle groups, and generally increases a feeling of well-being - a lot of other factors need to come into play before serious amounts of muscle can be added.

Women do not normally have the levels of testosterone as men, and this helps to prohibit excessive muscle growth. However, even with these hormonal differences, bodybuilders will still need to consume large amounts of protein, and the key truth is that a lot of other supplements are also required - some legal, some not so much. If you take these factors out of the equation, regular weight training for ladies will just firm and tone, and the increase in muscle mass will be nowhere near enough to transform the body into the Hulk!

This anxiety about weight training for women does throw up another interesting concept - the fact that some people are genetically able to add on muscle relatively easily and quickly. The same can apply to female gym users, and it may actually make sense to embrace this unique advantage. A pair of rounded 'all-natural' biceps shouldn't be something to be afraid of, and if curvy and feminine muscles are keeping you out of the dating game, you need to remember that there are plenty of guys who would appreciate a stronger woman! It is no coincidence that many fitness-oriented people find love at their gym, and any muscular girl will usually admit that a guy with the same build is a good match in more ways than one.

Without fanatical supplement taking and excessive protein consumption, women can usually only gain a small amount of muscle, and it makes perfect sense to keep a workout balanced between cardio and the weights area. If you need further proof of this, a quick Twitter search for @SheSquat will tell you everything that you need to know!


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