The secret to being fit – without the sweaty workout…

We all have hectic lifestyles, meaning that fitting in that trip to the gym is a difficult thing to do, particularly during the week. Many people think that to become fit and healthy you need to follow a strict fitness regime to achieve that sculpted body. But, what if you could improve your fitness levels without taking any extra time out of your day?

The problem with people’s perception towards being fit is it is a costly and difficult thing to achieve and maintain. If you mention the word ‘fitness’ many people think of the gym or some gruelling exercise class which will take days to recover from. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Making small changes to your daily routine could mean a big difference to your happiness and well being. Many people don’t realise that walking burns just 30% less calories on average than running over the same distance, so don't dismiss the benefits of a daily walk. A one mile walk for someone of average fitness can take twenty minutes, so instead of taking public transport or driving you can burn a reasonable amount of calories just by walking; and in that rush hour traffic it’s likely that it won’t take much longer to do it either.

Many people don’t think about the benefit that household chores can have on your fitness levels. By pushing the lawn mower you’re already doing moderate exercise; this also counts for raking leaves or washing the windows. Even hoovering or gardening can help towards building up your fitness levels. The NHS generally advises adults to do two and half hours or moderate – vigorous activity a week. So a brisk walk and a spot of gardening already go a long way to contributing to your weekly fitness routine.

If your one of over half the population who sits at a desk all day, you may be surprised to know that many basic toning exercises can be done from your seat. Core stretches are just one of the multitude of activities you can do by using your feet as pressure points while tilting your pelvis forwards and applying pressure to your abs. Something anyone can do at any time of day.


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