Top 15 Low Impact Workouts


Here are our top 15 low impact workouts. Perfect for beginners or people wanting to try something new. If you are recovering from injury why not ease yourself back into shape with one of these great low impact workouts.

Low impact by definition is when at least one foot stays in contact with the ground at all times. Low impact exercise is great for being gentle on the body with no jarring on the joints. Pregnant, obese and older individuals will benefit greatly from low impact work as it is less intense on the body.



Walking is something most people do everyday. It’s a great way to keep active throughout the day and is suitable for everyone. It’s completely free and studies have shown that walking briskly for 30 minutes a day will help to control blood pressure and decrease the chance of having a stroke by 27%.




If you're short for time, experts have said that 15 minutes of walking up stairs has the same benefits of walking for 30 minutes. Stairs will tone up your legs, butt and stomach so next time you see the option to walk up them – take it!




Cycling is a great way to get outside, see nature or a convinient way to get to the local shop. Next time you want to jump in the car to pop down the road why not jump on a bike? Cycling on average burns 650 calories per hour so it’s a great way to lose weight and also tone up those legs. If you are more advanced you can also bike off road and up hills which is a great way to tone your upper body.




Whether you are indoors or outdoors rowing is a great way to keep in shape. Rowing is a huge benefit to your cardiovascular fitness which will enhance your lungs ability to provide oxygen to the blood and heart, helping fight off heart disease. Why not make a day of it and take the whole family or a group of friends rowing? Fitness can and should be fun.




If you are more of a thrill seeker why not try kayaking. Kayaking is a one-man sport so why not find some solitude in nature and try out the ultimate whitewater adventure.



6. Tai-chi

Tai-chi combines slow breathing, meditation and gentle movements. It was originally developed through martial arts but is now a fitness phenomenon. Tai chi is great for mobilizing the body and can be achieved by all ages. Find your inner peace today .



Yoga increases strength, balance and flexibility. It also gives the mind a boost of mental wellbeing. It has been shown that yoga is great for bringing down blood pressure, relieving lower back pain and helping with depression. There are lots of varieties of yoga so there is something for everyone.




If you enjoy the great outdoors and like to challenge yourself why not try hiking. Hiking is becoming increasingly popular- you get to sample the UK’s landscape and get a great workout at the same time. Hiking is great for muscular fitness, weight control and cardiovascular fitness. Why not make a holiday out of it and enjoy with friends?



9.Rock climbing

This workout has never been more accessible with a growing number of leisure centers hosting rock-climbing walls. If you are an adrenaline junkie then why not branch out further and climb outside. If you want to challenge yourself further there are plenty of competitive teams to join.




This workout is for you if you want to improve your posture, balance and strength. Its great for unwinding yet pushing your body to it ‘s limits. Pilates is perfect for all ages and levels and is great for people with injury. It can be tailored to your body and help build up your weakest muscle groups.



10. TRX

The TRX is a suspension workout and can be performed anywhere. The TRX is transportable as it’s light to carry and simple to set up. You can perform a whole host of exercises on the TRX, most of which will combine more than one muscle group so it’s a great whole body workout. The core is nearly always activated in every exercise so it’s fantastic for making the body stronger.




The health benefits of swimming, it seems, are never-ending. It is the ultimate low impact exercise as the water takes 50% of your bodyweight.  This makes it a great exercise for people with stiff muscles, sore joints or arthritis. As a general rule, 10 minutes of swimming (freestyle) burns 100 calories. So if you want to lose weight this is the one for you!



12.Aqua Aerobics

If you like being in the pool but want to change it up, why not try aqua aerobics. This workout is often associated with the over 65’s but they do say age brings wisdom. Aqua aerobics is a fantastic fat burner and weight loss workout. It also tones the body using water as the resistance. So next time your on holiday and see a class taking place in the pool, join in.




There are lots of different styles of dance and they all provide a great calorie burner. The best type of dance for low impact exercise is ballet, swing or contemporary. Dance is a brilliant way to get your creative juices flowing and to forget about the world for a while. You will probably forget you are doing exercise at all.




Is your route to work through a park? Do you want to start a new hobby on a Saturday? Why not start rollerblading? Rollerblading is not only great fun, it also strengthens the quads, hamstrings, glutes and lower back. During a 30 minute period you, on average, burns 300 calories.



15. Golf

Golf not only provides a great swing action which strengthens your spine. It also provides the chance to walk the course, which usually takes 4 hours on average. It’s a great way to socialize, improve brainpower, co-ordination and reduces stress. Try it with your partner today. 



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