Expertrain's top 23 health and fitness magazines to read

Whether you're subscribing yourself to keep that new year's gym resolution or treating a friend to a gift subscription, health and fitness magazines are the ideal way to motivate yourself or make changes to your lifestyle for a healthier, happier you! Following Expertrain and your other favourite health and fitness sites on Twitter, instagram and Facebook is all very well, but sometimes you want an inspirational glossy magazine to flick through on your lunchbreak at work.

We feel the same, so we've come up with our top 23 must-read health and fitness magazines - check them out!

#1. Health and Fitness Magazine

Top of our list, this popular monthly magazine is brimming with workouts, reviews of healthy products and tips to stay fit and healthy. You can subscribe now and get 3 issues for just £3 with free delivery - so there are no excuses!

#2. Men's Fitness

As the title suggests, this magazine is aimed at men, with topical articles such as "Beach body in 28 days" and "8 Secret superfoods." It's fun, informative and is sure to leave you feeling inspired. Subscribe today for £39.99 for a year through WH Smith and you'll pay just £3.34 per issue!

#3. Your Fitness

For women passionate about fitness, Your Fitness magazine (it used to be called Bodyfit) is the perfect choice. With plenty of tips and workouts for those new to exercise as well as professional athletes, a monthly dose of this magazine will keep you inspired and motivated, boosting your performance, confidence and fitness. A 12-month subscription is £43.50 through WH Smith.

#4. Men's Health

Fancy boosting your fitness levels, being healthier and finding out more about the world around you? Men's Health is one of the most popular health and fitness magazines for men, and with articles such as "6 Reasons to drink more green tea" and "The best kitchen kit for men," there's something here to inspire men of all ages. Pick up a 12-month subscription today for £60.45

#5. Shape USA

With a focus on how to achieve a hot bod, flawless skin and a glow that comes from within, Shape USA is a popular magazine for young women. In-depth articles on diet, nutrition and exercise plus lifestyle ideas and beauty tips ensure you'll never be bored. Subscribe for £61 for 12 issues.

#6. Women's Health

From interviews with celebs (Britney Spears features in the March issue) to workouts, health tips and beauty product reviews, Women's Health is the perfect companion for women looking to live a healthier lifestyle. Each month there are recipes to help you look and feel fabulous and advice on healthy snacking, so there are no excuses for picking up that chocolate bar! Get 5 issues for £10 or order the digital and print versions for just £12 for 5 issues.

#7. Top Sante

Focusing on health, beauty, wellbeing and smart eating, Top Sante is a popular magazine for women of all ages. This month's issue includes articles on the best foods to keep you fit in your 30s, 40s and beyond, and steps to supercharge your sleep. Subscribe to the print edition and get 3 issues for £3  (£30 annually thereafter).

#8. Bestfit

Looking for a free digital health and fitness magazine, with no subscription required? Bestfit is the UK's biggest free, interactive health and fitness magazine and you can download the app and start enjoying content today. With product reviews, tips on nutrition and diet, workouts and interesting health, fitness and lifestyle features, this is a low-commitment way to enjoy a health and fitness magazine.

#9. Healthy

As its name suggests, Healthy magazine is all about being healthy - it's the UK's best-selling health and wellbeing magazine! Pick up 8 issues for just £15.90 and you can enjoy the latest features such as "Health Hacks - 5 Easy Ways to Drink More Water" and "National Breakfast Week Recipes - Coconut Bircher Muesli" as well as food, fitness, beauty and wellbeing articles and discussions.

#10. Women's Fitness

This best-selling magazine is the perfect inspiration to get you up off the couch and into a fitness regime for the new year - whatever your exercise of choice! Just £3 for your first 3 issues, you'll enjoy workouts and diet advice to fit in with your lifestyle and help you lose weight and stay in shape - after that it's just £14.99 for 6 issues on a recurring subscription!

#11. Muscle & Fitness

Fancy learning Arnie's workout secrets (Im sure we all do)? Then you need Muscle & Fitness Magazine, which includes regular diet plans and strength and fitness training for any body type (men and women) as well as regular features on fitness training, nutrition and diet plans with an emphasis on building muscle and bodybuilding. Maximise your potential with a 12-month sub for just £34.99.

#12. Flex

Billed as 'the voice of the champions', Flex is a monthly bodybuilding magazine which interviews the pros to get the inside scoop. Learn how they develop, how to train, how to live and what to eat to reach your goals and develop your physique. A 12-month subscription is £34.99.

#13. Natural Health

For advice from the UK's top holistic experts and writers, Natural Health magazine is ideal for anyone looking for an alternative approach to health and fitness. Packed with articles for body and soul, nutritional advice and features about finding love, this informative magazine is also a great choice if you're into yoga! Pick up your subscription today for just £38.40 for 12 issues and yo'll receive free Madara skincare products!

#14.      Yourwellness

Edited by Dr Sarah Brewer, Yourwellness magazine approaches wellbeing as a whole - focusing on health, happiness, fitness, relationships, family, work and finances for a holistic look at health. Why not take a well-earned break with a post-workout snack after your run and curl up with a copy? Subscribe now and you'll get 12 issues for just £30 or 24 issues for £55.

#15. Weight Watchers

We've all heard of Weight Watchers, and whether you're a regular meeting attendee, a fan of their products or new to the whole idea, the magazine is a great purchase if you're looking to change the way you eat and lose weight. With a 5-day food planner and easy to follow menu complete with recipes, it's easy to eat healthily with a copy of this magazine (and of course some help from Expertrain). It's a bargainous £25 for 12 issues, making it a budget-friendly choice too!

#16. Slimming World

The UK's fastest-growing slimming magazine is now just £17.25 for a 12 month subscription, and it's packed with inspirational stories about weight-loss success, as well as a 7-day eating plan and over 40 pages of healthy recipes to inspire you. There's also nutritional and health info as well as fitness tips, beauty and fashion advice to boost your confidence and help you love your body, whatever your weight.

#17. Running Fitness

Whether you're training to run a marathon or new to running, Running Fitness magazine is one of the UK's most popular running publications. With features on how to improve your motivation and mental strength and expert advice on how to prevent injury, everything you need to run harder, faster and for longer is inside this glossy magazine. What's more, if you subscribe now, you'll get 6 issues for £15 (or 12 for £34.98) and a free marathon day race pack with energy gels and protein recovery shakes to boost your performance!

#18. Women's Running

Written by women for women, Women's Running magazine will show you how to improve your runs and the best races to take part in, whether you're a beginner runner or a seasoned early-morning runner. For race strategies, training plans and diet tips for your 10K or marathon, look no further, with nutrition advice and real-life stories to motivate you. Boost your fitness, improve your stamina and lose weight with this awesome magazine! It's just £29.97 for a 12 month subscription.

#19. Yoga Magazine

The number-one selling yoga magazine in the UK and USA, Yoga Magazine is packed with the latest yoga news and feature, reviews of the latest products and celebrity interviews, with a panel of writers including high-profile A-list teachers. Subscribe for a year for £40 and prepare to enjoy a chilled out 2015 - all together now, "Om....."

#20. Pilates Style

Into pilates and looking for some inspirational reading? Pilates Style magazine means you no longer have to filter through conflicting information about pilates online - with articles and features written by pilates instructors and experts from across the globe, you'll learn more about the practice of pilates, the best positions to try and interesting features and reviews. You'll find out ho to use pilates to feel good about your body and enhance your practice - and three issues can be yours for just £18.66!

#21. Climber

A niche magazine aimed at rock climbing and bouldering enthusiasts, Climber magazine is packed with expertly written destination articles for the UK and abroad, inspirational climbing stories, training and climbing tips and more! Rock climbing is a great adrenaline sport that can keep you fit and active - you'll also soak up plenty of vitamin D. Get three free issues with a 12 month subscription for just £40.50.

#22. Men's Running

The UK's first running magazine solely for men, Men's Running is a magazine like no other! Whether you're training for a race, looking to lose weight or getting fit by running, you'll find a host of features, tips and tricks to help you. With reviews of the latest gadgets and gear plus inspirational running stories, pick up a 12 month sub for just £29.97 today.


This US women's fitness magazine is now available in the UK for just £31.09 for 6 issues! Written by women's fitness experts, Oxygen magazine gives you the inside scoop on nutrition, diet and superfoods, and regular workouts with toning and fat loss advice. Essential if you're looking to get toned and honed this year!

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Date On 28th Jan 2015 at 15:27

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