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It's January, and what better time to get out of your fitness rut, bust your gym boredom and try something new? Last year the team tried a whole host of new things, from relaxing Tai Chi to adrenaline-fuelled bouldering and boxing. This year, we thought we'd start with the latest fitness craze to land in the UK from New York - HydroFit.

In case you haven't ever looked at a swimming pool and thought, "I know, this needs a bike," - we haven't either - somebody in New York obviously has, and this new craze involves cycling or swimming whilst semi-submersed (up to your waist) in a pool with hydro-massage jets. Sound quirky? It is. But not only will it leave you with toned thighs and glutes, it's also a great hybrid between a spa treatment and a workout, perfect for a pick-me-up on those grey days when your mood needs boosting, and it can help you relax and unwind.

HydroFit is taking the capital by storm, and you could give it a go this January if you fancy a change from the gym or your usual morning run!

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What's involved?

A typical HydroFit session lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and according to their promotional material, you're taking part in a 'unique water biking/jogging experience.' Ideal for gym-phobics or anyone who prefers to work out solo, your session is carried out in the privacy of your own individual luxury cabin, equipped with a TV and bluetooth headset, so you can even take calls! The point of the session is to get fit whilst feeling relaxed and rejuvenated though, so we recommend making the most of the alone time to unwind.

HydroFit promises to tone and shape your lower body, reducing cellulite and improving your cardiovascular fitness. Head for Fulham Road's HydroFit Aqua Fitness and Spa for a 30-minute HydroBike or HydroJogger session for £30 (or try off-peak between 1pm and 4pm for £24).

You'll spend 30 minutes (or longer) submersed to your waist in a hydro-massage bathtub, with 16 hydro-massage jets gently massaging you and releasing Ozone which naturally exfoliates you, removing dead skin cells. Cycling or running whilst enjoying a hydro-massage sounds pretty good to us! Having your own cabin to exercise in is pretty cool too and a definite benefit to this type of training.

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Who's it for?

HydroFit is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness, and has been used in the successful rehabilitation of patients who have sustained motor injuries, to help joints and muscles recover. So whether you're a super-fit gym addict, new to fitness, or rehabilitating from an injury, it's the ideal way to strengthen and tone your body whilst giving you a good cardio workout. If you're an introvert or don't feel confident working out in public, the privacy of your own cabin will definitely appeal to you. When we arrived at the Fulham Road spa, a good mix of men and women were present, so this is an exercise you can try whatever your gender, age or level of fitness.

What equipment do you need?

All you'll need is something suitable to wear (and a towel, which can be hired at the spa) such as bikini bottoms/shorts for women or swim shorts for men. Since only the bottom half of your body is submersed, you can wear whatever you like on your top half, making HydroFit ideal for a lunchtime workout, as it's easy to dry off and go back to work without worrying about wet hair. Whilst the sessions might seem pretty pricey to some, HydroFit isn't designed for everyday. Instead, try adding it your workout routine once a week or once a fortnight to complement your other training sessions.

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Is HydroFit a good workout?

Definitely! After a 30-minute HydroBike session, we didn't immediately notice any sore muscles - the combination of exercise and hydro-massage is really soothing and relaxing. You can expect to burn a minimum of 300 calories in a 30-minute session, and women will notice a visible reduction in cellulite thanks to the toning Ozone and action of the hydro-massage jets, which can boost your circulation. We think this is a great addition to your training, and it's ideal if you're looking for a fun, different lower-body workout. It's also a great gentle way to exercise if you are recovering from injury and the ideal way to reduce stress. Having your own cabin gives you some much needed time out of your busy life, a real luxury!

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Ready to give HydroFit a try? In London, HydroFit spa on Fulham Road is the place to be. Sessions can easily be booked online or over the phone and you can even indulge in other treatments too, such as a relaxing massage. Whether you decide to try out cycling in water with the HydroBike or fancy power walking your way to fitness with the HydroJogger, you'll enjoy a relaxed yet intense workout that will tone and shape your lower body - win!

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Date On 16th Jan 2015 at 10:37

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