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Anyone who has seen the 'Welcome to the Jungle' trampoline fitness video on YouTube knows that working out on a trampoline is hard work! In case you don't know what we're talking about, you can see the video here

Jumping up and down on a trampoline may not make you look your best – let's face it, which workout does! But it does wonders for your physical fitness, and your mood. Because we're fans of trying new things (we can tick boxing and bouldering off the list already) we thought we'd try out trampoline fitness and give you the low-down on what this fitness craze can do for your body and your mind. Let's get started.

What's involved?

You and a trampoline – that's really it. Bouncing up and down on a trampoline can burn around 160 calories in 30 minutes (1) but trampoline fitness classes are designed to give you a full-body workout and boost your energy levels. In New York, trampoline fitness classes are the latest craze (2) and new studio JumpLife provides a high-intensity, low-impact workout session, lasting from 45 minutes to one hour. Having fun seems to be what motivates people to join these classes – the JumpDance class lets you workout under disco lights to club music, whilst the studio also offers JumpFusion, a 60-minute class which incorporates yoga and pilates, and JumpFitness, a class focusing on toning and strength using weights.

Who's it aimed at?

Trampoline fitness classes are great for all ages and levels of fitness. Because it's a low-impact workout, it's ideal if you're suffering from a knee, shoulder or back injury, or recovering from an injury, and it can help you to get back to your desired level of fitness. Whilst the current craze of classes are attracting 20 and 30-somethings, most studios hold classes open to all ages and even classes for kids!

What equipment do you need?

You won't need any special equipment to take part in a trampoline fitness class – just comfortable exercise clothes that you can move in – we recommend shorts and a vest. Everything else is provided for you.

Trampoline fitness at home

If you don't want to pay for classes, you could always purchase a trampoline (easy to find at places like Argos or online at Amazon) and workout at home with the help of online fitness videos or a DVD. We recommend taking at least a few classes, as this will teach you moves you can practice at home, and having your own trampoline means you can still workout even if there are weeks you can't make your class.

What to expect

We attended Boogie Bounce classes in South London and had the best time! The website promises that classes will help you:

- Improve your co-ordination and balance

- Tone muscles

- Reduce cellulite

- Combat stress

- Boost your energy, circulation and immune system

All whilst having fun – it sounded too good to be true, but we're always up for a new fitness challenge! The class was a good mix of ages, as expected – everyone from 20-something gym bunnies to older ladies in their 50s and 60s. These classes usually attract women only, but don't be afraid to find one in your area if you're a man and you want to give this new fitness craze a go; it's fun, we promise! There were new mums looking to get fit after the birth of their baby and those who were recovering from injuries, plus plenty of people, like us, who just wanted to have fun and get fit without a session at the gym.

Trampolines are fitted with T-Bars to allow you to hold on as you carry out the jumps, squats and lunges your instructor takes you through. In our hour long session we did an aerobic workout, then focused on legs, bums, tums and arms until we were left dripping with sweat and utterly exhausted – you can burn up to 600 calories a session provided you get really stuck in! Low-impact workout classes can be hard to find, but you'll really feel the burn after a session at Boogie Bounce. They host classes across the country including in Scotland, Ireland and Wales – you can get more information and book your session here.

Our class was just £5.50, which for a weekly class seems good value and a great choice for anyone on a budget. In conjunction with running, dance or pilates classes, or your gym membership, we think this is a pretty fun, exciting way to improve your fitness levels, get those endorphins flowing and enjoy yourself!

Did the class deliver?

So did our class deliver what it promised? It's only been one session but we definitely felt the results – sore muscles the next day left us thinking about how much muscle toning was really going on during all that bouncing around! It was definitely a stress-relieving experience and we're sure most trampoline fitness classes are the same – the pumping music got our endorphins flowing and definitely boosted our mood, leaving us full of energy. Longer term, it's easy to see how trampoline fitness could improve your co-ordination and balance; as you improve, you'll be carrying out the moves faster, which requires more flexibility and a greater sense of balance.

Our verdict

Whilst trampoline fitness is a craze that seems to be taking Europe (Germany in particular) and the US by storm, we predict it could be one craze which lasts. It's definitely a fun, new way to get fit without going to the gym – it's low-impact, making it ideal for anyone suffering from an injury, yet high-intensity, so you'll get a really good workout. It's also great that you don't need to invest in expensive equipment to join a class or take it up at home – you could buy your own trampoline, but it's not necessary. If you're not making the most of your gym membership or you're bored with running and looking for a new way to get fit or improve your current fitness levels, trampoline fitness classes could be the perfect solution!

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 29th Oct 2014 at 08:38

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