10 unexpected ways to burn more calories in your daily routine

It could be easy to assume that we can only burn calories during “official,” scheduled, formal workouts. We have to hit the gym, go for a run or take a fitness class if we want to see the benefits. But actually, there are many ways we can incorporate more calorie-burning into our existing daily routines.

We’ve all heard the calls to take the stairs more often than we take the lift or to get off the bus a stop earlier and walk. But what about some smaller, more unexpected ways you can burn more calories without even thinking about it? Read ahead for ten of our favourite tips.

1. Don’t just take the stairs; beat them

Taking the stairs to the meeting in the floor above obviously makes better calorie-burning sense than standing idly in a lift. But why just walk up the stairs one at a time, the way regular people do? Take them two at a time, quicken your pace, and be ready with a handkerchief to mop that potentially sweaty brow when you reach the top.

2. Stand up

Simply standing up burns around 50 calories per hour – much more than sitting. Perhaps you could invest in a standing desk to work from, or set a reminder on your phone to go off every 15 minutes. Each time it flashes, you have to stand for at least two minutes. You can keep working up there – just take the telephone with you when you stand.

3. Drink more water

Not only will an increased water intake clearly keep your body hydrated, it’ll also ensure you have to take more trips to the bathroom. Up your step count; make your bathroom of choice the one on a different floor to your desk.

4. Don’t just sit there and wait

Any time you have to wait for anything (got an airport layover, or simply waiting for a bus?), walk around. Rather than sitting down, do walking laps of the airport terminal and check out your surroundings. Walk to the next bus stop instead of sitting down for ages at your regular one. Every little really does help.

5. Ditch the car for a day

If it’s possible for you to walk or cycle to work, even for one day a week, do it! The extra effort will pay dividends. And if you start doing it just once per week but find that you love it, simply build from there.

6. Spend longer in the supermarket

Instead of doing a mad dash into the supermarket, grabbing your groceries and then leaving, spend some time walking around to compare prices. That way, you’ll up your step count (while pushing a potentially heavy trolley around) and you’ll save money, too. Win, win!

7. Keep your cool

When you’re out running errands or at an appointment and you decide to drive there, don’t just opt for the closest parking space. Park further away (where there’s no one else jostling for spaces) and walk the difference. Bonus points for parking in a shady spot – the car will be nice and cool when you return.

8. Dance the night away!

Nightclubs are highly underrated by those past their mid-twenties, in our opinion. After you’ve been out for drinks, extend the night and continue the laughs by hitting the dancefloor. Choose a cheesy club playing ‘90s pop hits for an extra dose of carefree fun.

9. Make dating more active

Instead of the typical dinner, drinks or cinema-based date ideas, why not suggest something more active, and potentially more fun? Opt for a round of crazy golf, challenge your date to a game of tennis, or take a walk through your favourite part of the neighbourhood. Hopefully you won’t even notice the extra calories you’re burning because you’ll be having so much fun, plus you’ll get to know your date in a totally new capacity.

10. Laugh more!

Pull out your favourite comedy DVD and let rip. Laughing burns calories, reduces stress and anxiety, and helps us forget much of the scary stuff in the news. Even better is to laugh with company. Invite your friends over and make a movie night of it.


Can you think of any other little ways of burning more calories day to day? Let us know in the comments below!


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