10 ways to make a workout fly by

Anyone who says exercise is boring doesn't know these 10 secrets to making a workout fly by. Try them and have fun whilst getting in shape!


1 Buddy up - Find a workout partner who shares your enthusiasm, goals and schedule. Meet them for gym sessions, squash, runs, bike rides or hikes - whatever you both enjoy. If your activity enables you to chat, you'll have a great time shooting the breeze. If you can't speak whilst exercising, the support and motivation of having someone there will spur you on.


2 Get outside - If you typically do classes, gym sessions or indoor sports, take some of your workouts outside. Power-walks, sprints on the playing field, mountain bike rides, or something more unusual like kayaking will freshen up your weekly workouts. New scenery, natural light and a dose of sunshine will boost your mood, endorphins, and vitamin D levels!


3 Try a new activity - Why not try something new? Challenge yourself with a new sport, skill or something outside your comfort zone. The time will fly by as your brain, body and hand/eye co-ordination get to grips with the new challenge. And, who knows, you might find a brand-new workout love!



4 A four-legged friend - If you're a dog-lover, recruit Fido as a workout partner for power-walks, outdoor sprints and hikes. He'll always be enthusiastic and will never let you down - and one look his wagging tail will remind you of how fun it is to enjoy the moment.


5 Create a playlist - For gym workouts, there's nothing like a brand-new playlist on your mp3 player. Download a new album, or create a fresh playlist from existing songs. Will you go for hard rock to power you through those lifts? Or some rap to give you some swagger? Plug in, tune out, and your gym session will fly by.



6 New workout gear - Sometimes you need to do whatever it takes to get yourself in the mood to workout. If training is starting to feel a little stale, treat yourself to a new workout tee, trainers, running shoes or even a hat. That could be all it takes to make you feel like hitting the gym again.

7 Play the game - How about team sports? Even if you don't think you're a team sports kind of person, give it a try. It might not be the specific workout you need to hit your goals, but you'll still be burning calories, toning muscles and learning to move in new ways. If you loved a team sport at school, look up opportunities to play it as an adult.



8 Use an app - There are so many workout apps for mobile devices and smart phones and they all call out to our number-crunching, data-loving type-A personalities. Find an app which suits your workout goals: it could be sport-specific, track your weight loss, suggest gym sessions, or connect you with an online community.

9 Get competitive (with others… or yourself!) - Are you a competitive person? Use training partners, workout buddies, or your own personal progress to tap into that competitive side of yourself. Get fired up to beat running times, to post PBs, to lift more, or to work faster and harder. When you're competing against someone else (or the clock), you won't even notice how long your workout's been. In fact, you might not want it to stop.


10 Track your progress - There's nothing more motivating than seeing just how far you've come. Start tracking your progress with a workout log, GPS-tracking device or online workout journal. You'll be able to look back over the months and years to see the incredible progress you've made, and this will spur you on to get excited about future workouts!




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