12 ways to work out with a friend

You might be the type of person for whom working out is your chance to carve some sacred alone time. It might be a form of moving meditation for you, an opportunity to escape your responsibilities elsewhere in life. But what if you struggle to get yourself to the gym? What if the only thing that works is knowing someone else is counting on you to be there?
Working out with a friend can keep you accountable and be more fun. You don't just have to exercise alongside each other; you can get actively involved in each other's workouts, too! Below, we've got a list of effective exercises you can do with a partner. Give them a go!

1. Squat jump

You and your partner will need a resistance band each. Stand facing each other, each of you holding one end of each resistance band, arms extended straight in front. The band should have some light tension in it. Keep that position of your arms and lower into a squat position, keeping the cores tight. In unison, jump up, maintaining that band tension and arm positioning. Land lightly on your toes and immediately lower again.

2. Triceps kickback

Stand facing each other with your knees slightly bent and your cores engaged. Each of you should hold one side of a resistance band on the same side (so right hand for one partner, left hand for the other). Hinge forwards from the waist, slightly towards each other. Bend your elbows to 90 degrees and hug your elbows and biceps to your sides. Now extend the arm and push the band away from your partner, keeping your elbows hugged into your sides.

3. Resistance band chest press

Have one partner holding both ends of a resistance band, with the loop hanging loosely behind their. The second partner holds the loop and steps back until there is tension. From here, if you're holding the band's ends, raise both hands to the sides of your head, your elbows bent at 90 degrees so your forearms are parallel to the ground. With your core tight, push forwards, fully extending both arms, then slowly bend at the elbows to return to the starting position.

4. Squat with rotational pass

Stand back-to-back and drop into low squats so your thighs are parallel to floor. One of you holds a medicine ball to your chest and rotates from the upper body, handing the ball to the second person, who rotates to take the ball and then switches to pass it over the other side.

5. Lunge-to-chest pass

Stand a few feet apart, facing each other. One of you holds a medicine ball at your chest as you both step forwards into lunges, keeping your cores tight. Chest-pass the medicine ball to each other, the other catching it at chest level before stepping backwards to standing. Repeat.

6. Russian twist pass

Sit back-to-back with a few inches between you. Both of you raise your legs into a table-top position. One of you holds a medicine ball at chest-height and hands the ball to the other over your left side, while they reach for the ball over their right side. Complete the circle with the second person handing the ball over their left side to the first.

7. Overhead pass with squat

Stand back-to-back with several inches between you, one partner holding a medicine ball overhead. The other partner will then reach up and grab it overhead, then both of you will drop into a low squat. The partner with the ball then rolls it between their legs for the other to pick up and start again.

8. Forward-backward lunge with pass

Stand facing each other with about a foot's distance between you, one of you holding a medicine ball at chest-height. One of you steps forwards with their right foot, as the
other simultaneously steps backwards with their left foot. Both of you lower to lunges, keeping your cores tight. At the bottom of the lunges, pass the medicine ball between you before you both push off and return to the starting position. Repeat on alternating sides.

9. Wheelbarrow press-up with squat

One of you starts in a high plank position, while the other stands at their feet. The standing partner carefully lifts the other's ankles one at a time so that they are in a "wheelbarrow" position. From here, lower from a plank into a press-up as the standing partner lowers into a squat. Raise up and return to the starting position.

10. Press-up with shoulder tap

Facing each other, come into a high plank position. In unison, each perform a press-up. As you push back up, lift opposite hands and tap the opposing shoulder of your partner. Repeat.

11. Reach-and-touch plank

Both of you hold a high plank, head-to-head with about a foot's distance between you. From a high plank, both partners lift your right hand and reach towards the opposite shoulder of your partner. Lower your right hands back to the ground and quickly repeat on your left sides.

12. Bodyweight squat

Stand facing each other, arm’s length apart, feet slightly wider than hip width, holding each other's forearms. Both lower into a squat, keeping your cores tight. Hold for 10 seconds and then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat.
Let us know how you both fare in the comments below!

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