A scientifically-proven way to work out in just 7 minutes

It’s often taken as fact that the longer you spend working out, the more effective your workout will be. If you’re poor on time, or simply prefer to get your workouts out of the way as quickly as possible, you’ll be glad to know that this so-called fact is being disputed by scientists. As reported in The New York Times, it only takes a few minutes of exercising at a high intensity to prompt the same molecular changes you’d get from several hours of running and cycling. Think of ideas like HIIT (high-intensity interval training), Tabata and CrossFit. Well, scientists have now also come up with this 7-minute workout which they claim ticks all the boxes when it comes to fitness recommendations.

Want the even better news? The suggested workout requires no equipment whatsoever. If you have a wall, a chair and your own bodyweight, you’re good to go. So why not put it to the test? The exercises are below. The scientists at McMaster University, Ontario, recommend that you spend 30 seconds on each exercise, going at eight tenths of your total physical capacity (it should be a struggle!), and then take a 10-second rest between sets.

1. Jumping jacks

2. Wall sit

3. Press-up

4. Abdominal crunch

5. Step-up onto chair

6. Squat

7. Triceps dips on chair

8. Plank

9. High knees/running in place

10. Lunge

11. Press-up and rotation

12. Side plank

Done? How are you feeling?! Take a rest now, safe in the knowledge that you’ve done your bit for the day in just 7 minutes. Unless you feel you could continue? In that case, go for it! The scientists say the workout can be performed multiple times consecutively, depending on your fitness level.

When we tried this workout, we were left sweating and we knew we’d be able to feel the burn later. It might not be the most intense or strenuous workout for those who are used to exercising pretty regularly, but it’s a great way of moving more for those of us who want/need to do exactly that. It’s quick, it’s straightforward, it’s beginner-friendly, and it can be done in the comfort of your very own home (or wherever you’d like!).

Give it a try and let us know how it goes in the comments below!


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