12 workout DVDs to keep you motivated

Workout DVDs aren't just for those too lazy to go to the gym – they're a great option if you don't have the time or money for gym membership or a personal trainer, and they can help you to build your fitness levels and your confidence before attending a pilates or yoga class. They're also perfect to use in between gym sessions or other classes to maintain your fitness levels, and they're affordable for everyone! We know it can be tough finding the best workout DVDs – there are plenty out there to avoid – but we've come up with our top 12 for 2014; there are DVDs here for all ages, aimed at men and women.

#1. Davina Fit in 15

Once you've read our piece on 15-minute workouts, check out Davina's 15-minute fitness DVD. It's perfect for those who don't have much time on their hands. It's also ideal for a lunchtime workout if you work from home, and can easily be squeezed in before work, so if the idea of a 6am run doesn't appeal, this is the DVD for you. The DVD is split into 15-minute routines – Arms, Legs, Core and Cardio. Davina's enthusiasm is sure to get you motivated and her routines are clear and easy to follow. Pick up the DVD for under a tenner on Amazon.

#2. Insanity: The Ultimate DVD Programme

If you've got a bit more cash to spare, Insanity is the workout programme for you. It's what everyone has been talking about for the past year and it's a challenge even for those who are already fit. The DVD set costs over £100 on Amazon, but for this you get 10 DVDs, a calendar, nutrition guide and access to free online support tools. This is a great alternative to a personal trainer or way for those who can't make it to the gym to get fit. The workouts help you build your fitness levels with maximum-intensity exercises; definitely a fitness challenge. You'll need a post-workout snack after completing one of these DVDs!

#3. Tabata: The Official Workout

We touched on Tabata training in our post about varying your morning run last week, and if you're looking for a workout that can be completed in under five minutes – four minutes to be exact – this DVD is perfect. Tabata is based on high-intensity training (HIT) where you carry out short bursts of intensive activity interspersed with short rest times. This helps you to burn more calories and boosts your fitness levels. It's an effective way to workout and can be used in conjunction with gym training sessions or running for the best results. Get the DVD for £16 on Amazon.

#4. Total Body Balance with Jessica Smith

Looking for low-impact, barefoot workouts which will strengthen your core and leave you feeling more relaxed? Jessica Smith's DVD gives you a choice of four 20-minute workouts, which are all designed to boost energy flow. Improve your posture, strengthen your core, define your muscles and increase your flexibility. Perfect for stress-relief after a long day at work, and available for under £10 online.

#5. Eoin Finn Earth.Body.Yoga

Chances are you practice yoga at home, at the gym or maybe at your local park. The stunning backdrops of Eoin Finn's yoga DVD are really motivating, and help boost your relaxation. His vinyassa yoga series may take a bit of time to get into, but persevere and you'll hone your physique, learn some more unusual yoga moves and strengthen your core, all whilst seriously improving your mood. This is one of our favourite yoga DVDs, in fact we love Eoin Finn's whole range, which you can find online.

#6. 10 Minute Solutions – Rapid Results Pilates

Everyone can spare 10 minutes in their day to get fit, so there are no excuses for slumping on the couch after work. This DVD is a great way to get fast results. It includes five 10-minute workouts which can be combined for a longer session on those days you have more time. For beginners looking to get into pilates, this is the perfect introduction, and the DVD targets and tones your abs, thighs, waist and bottom.

#7. Roxy's Yoga Conditioning Total Body Workout

Roxy Shahidi may already be a familiar face from TV's 'Emmerdale', but she really knows her stuff when it comes to yoga, with 12 years' experience honing her technique. All her exercise routines are suitable for beginners, so if you're not sure if yoga is for you, or need some extra motivation at home to practice between classes, this is ideal. The DVD includes three 40-minute routines which focus on your core, lower body and upper body. The routines help to tone whilst leaving you feeling energised and relaxed, boosting your endorphins for a more positive mood.

#8. Step Up Official Dance Workout

If you've seen the movies (and even if you haven't), now you can learn the moves! Check out our post on dance styles to get you fit, but don't worry if you don't have the time or money for dance classes, you can use this DVD to learn the moves at home. With a great soundtrack featuring Nelly Furtado, Run DMB and Timbaland, this DVD will get you motivated and help bust workout boredom.

#9. Fitness for the Over 50s Box Set

It's vital to keep fit as you get older – stretching can help tone muscles and prevent painful joints associated with ageing. Keeping fit can also boost your cardiovascular health; moving for just 30 minutes a day can reduce your risk of stroke and heart attack. These specially adapted routines for the over 50s are available as a three DVD box set. There are exercises which focus on easing lower back pain and strengthening bone density; and they're fun!

#10. Pilates for Men

If you've ever felt that fitness DVDs were for women, we're here to bust that theory. There are DVDs out there specifically aimed at male fitness, like this Pilates for Men DVD. Ideal if you can't afford gym membership or a personal trainer, or as a way to boost your fitness in between training sessions, this pilates DVD helps you develop a strong, stable core which boosts your overall fitness and strength levels. Did you know that pilates can also improve your posture and sexual stamina? Practising pilates alongside other exercise such as running or team sports can help to prevent sports-related injuries. The DVD includes an extra power section for those looking for a real challenge, and a free downloadable relaxation routine which you can load onto your iPod.

#11. The Pit Workout

If you're a fan of boxing and UFC/mixed martial arts, then The Pit Workout DVD is for you. Featuring three hour-long workouts, the use of a punchbag is optional but helpful! The workouts are led by John Hackelman, Chuck Lidell's teacher. Expect tough exercises including an upper body, lower body and total body workout.

#12. Piloxing

A blend of pilates, boxing and dance – this fitness craze will certainly get those endorphins flowing! You can buy the DVD along with specially weighted workout gloves on Amazon or other websites, and choose from one of three 50-minute cardio workouts that promise to have you 'sweating up a storm' within the first 10 minutes. Sounds like a great workout to us!

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 12th Oct 2014 at 10:47

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