Best 49 fitness YouTubers to watch in 2015

Sometimes it seems like everyone out there has a YouTube fitness channel - so how do you know who to subscribe to and which videos are worth watching? To save you time and energy scrolling through the thousands of channels out there, we've shortlisted our favourite 49 fitness YouTubers that we love - they're all worth checking out!

We know you don't want boring videos that send you to sleep - neither do you want videos that are going to misinform you or leave you injured after training, so all these channels have been chosen to provide you with a great workout, health and fitness tips and nutritional advice. Why not leave a comment and let us know your favourites?

#1. Chelsea Lifts

Chelsea Karabin's channel is an inspiration for women who want to start weight training. Her videos range from rants to tips on healthy grocery shopping, protein shake recipes, motivational tips and full workouts.


#2. Maxx Chewning

Maxx pretty much has the perfect physique - so if you're looking to achieve a strong, toned body, subscribe now; he's rising quickly up the YouTube ranks.


#3. Dana Linn Bailey

Dana's one of the bodybuilding industry's most popular women and with over 138k YouTube subscribers, she must be doing something right! Great inspiration for women looking to train hard and build muscle.


#4. Candito Training HQ

Subscribe to Jon Candito's channel to ensure you get 100% out of each and every workout you do; the focus here is on improving performance and perfecting your powerlifts.

#5. Fusaro Fitness

With his 'Work hard, stay humble' strapline, Matty Fusaro is a down-to-earth dude - refreshing for YouTube! He offers the best information on training and supplements with a laid-back approach and watching his videos is sure to leave you feeling motivated.


#6. Gregg Plitt

Gregg was a cover model for over 100 fitness magazines over the last four years - he was also a PRO-rated skydiver, All-American wrestler and had a military background. Although he sadly passed away earlier this year, his YouTube channel remains as popular as ever, and we love his cookery videos and workouts which will help you to hone the perfect physique.


#7. Big J's Extreme Fitness

Jason English takes you through his methods for intense training - safely! Great if you're looking for fast results, high intensity training and less risk of injury.


#8. Campbell Fitness

Brandon Campbell is a personal trainer and YouTube personality with over 122k subscribers. His channel is a great mix of workouts, recipe videos and even the odd games review!


#9. Nick Wright Bodybuilding

Nick Wright's channel might get its fair share of trolls, but it's THE place to find out all you need to know about bodybuilding - he's been competing professionally since he was 15.


#10. The Tiger Fitness

We love Marc Lobliner's channel - he's a national level NPC competitive bodybuilder and former APF competitive powerlifter. For rants, supplement info and training tips, Marc's your man! Plus his high-protein cheesecake brownie bites recipe rocks!


#11. Scooby1961

One of the longest-established fitness YouTubers, Scooby began lifting at age 21 and is now in his 50s. His videos are deisgned to motivate and inspire everyone, from novices to experienced lifters.

#12. Six Pack Shortcuts

Mike Chong must be doing something right - he has over 1.5m subscribers! Learn about building muscle and perfecting your six pack for rock-hard abs, as well as listening to Mike's fitness tips and tricks and advice on what to eat to get ripped!


#13. Scott Herman Fitness

Scott is a certified personal trainer and his intensive workouts are ideal for strength training and building muscle, endurance and stamina. Check him out today!


#14. The Fitness Marshall

Caleb Marshall's hip-hop and pop inspired dance workouts feature his amazing choreography and they're a great way to get fit, boost your energy levels adn have fun too! We love his Break the Ice video - it might take you a few gos but once you get the moves down, you'll love it!


#15. K's Perfect Fitness TV

With over 66k subscribers, Kristen's channel is a popular choice - no wonder, as she's a personal trainer and professional dancer who will teach you how to get a honed, toned, lean body. Why not check her channel out today?


#16. Runtastic Fitness

Lunden's channel is packed with useful videos, from fitness and health tips to news and workouts, all aimed at helping you to live a healthy, active life. Check out her Total Body Workout for Beginners!


#17. CT Fletcher Motivation

Want to stay motivated in the gym and get a kick up the butt to get you started? Then you need CT Fletcher's YouTube channel. His (slightly intimidating but amazing) videos will have you smashing those fitness goals. You'll find workout videos on squats, bench press, deadlifts and more - check him out.


#18. Weider Publishing

The publishing house behind magazines such as FLEX and Muscle & Fitness has a great YouTube channel with workouts, news and interviews to inspire and motivate you to build muscle and improve your fitness.


#19. Pure Aesthetics

We love Tony Do's YouTube channel - he's a global online fitness coach who's only 21; but he really knows his stuff! Subscribe for fitness news, nutrition tips and great workouts.


#20. Hunt Fitness TV

Kyle Hunt has been an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer since age 18 and he knows what he's talking about. For essential fitness and training info to get you working harder than ever before, check out his channel today.


#21. Bios 3 Training

Looking for a fusion of nutrition, training and cardio? Everyone loves Jerry Ward's YouTube channel - no-nonsense and designed to motivate you when all you want to do is slump in front of Netflix with loads of health, nutrition and fitness advice!


#22. Christian Guzman Fitness

With over 197k subscribers, model, gym owner and trainer Christian is here to inspire you with tips on working hard and playing hard, nutrition and fitness - plus a great range of workouts.


#23. Dashama

Dashama's YouTube channel takes fitness at a slightly slower pace than some on this list - if you're into yoga, meditation, dance, fitness and healthy eating, this will be the perfect channel for you! She's a yoga teacher, author and founder of Pranashama Yoga Institute - and she has over 57k subscribers!


#24. Michael Kory Fitness Channel

With over 214k subscribers, Michael Kory's channel features bodybuilding workouts, recipes, tips and advice. Checkout his 'How to Bench Press More Weight for a Bigger Chest' video.


#25. Rogue Fitness

Since 2009, Rogue Fitness has attracted over 93k subscribers - they're the leading provider of strength and conditioning equipment made in the US. Their channel is the perfect place to find out about the latest equipment with advice and footage from the CrossFit games - well worth checking out.


#26. Superhero Fitness TV

Keaira LaShae is a professional fitness trainer and singer/dancer - her channel shows you how to get in shape and stay healthy, and her dance workouts and fitness challenges are guaranteed to leave you feeling fit, happy and healthy!


#27. Tony Horton Fitness TV

Tony Horton has created some of the most groundbreaking fitness programmes in the US and his blend of body-sculpting exercises, fun and inspiration has ensured he's popular with celebrities and professional athletes.


#28. Sarah Fit TV

Fitness YouTuber and healthy living blogger Sarah Dussault's channel is the perfect place to head for some Monday morning inspiration - you'll find weight loss tips, workouts, healthy recipes, food hauls and more to inspire your passion for healthy living.


#29. Davey Wavey Fitness

We love YouTube sensation Davey Wavey's channel - loads of workouts, fitness myths, healthy eating advice and nutritional information - check him out!


#30. Get MEAN Fitness

Created by Jake Pitts and Matt Yannis, Get MEAN Fitness' channel has loads of workout videos and diaries to check out - we love their Ab Circuit Workout. Oh, and they also feature great recipes like their Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie - yum!


#31. Get Your Fit On With Tara

Tara is a health and fitness coach, Zumba instructor and creator of the Tone & Tease System. Check out her channel for upbeat dance fitness workouts to get those endorphins flowing!


#32. Lex Fitness

For training do's and don'ts, meal ideas and more, Lex Fitness is the place to head, with fun, upbeat videos to motivate you and over 65k subscribers.


#33. Tee Major Fitness

Focusing on bodyweight exercises, Tee Major has experience training military all over the world. He'll teach you calisthenics techniques with workouts ranging from abs to bodybuilding, plus loads of fitness hacks!


#34. Sarah Grace Fitness

Sarah is a certified personal trainer, crossfit competitor, fitness expert and fitness model and she shares her secrets with weekly workout videos. Dead lifts, bicep curls, back squats and lower-ab exercises - you'll find them all on her channel.


#35. Super Training 06

Mark Bell is one to watch for powerlifting advice. A former professional wrestler and elite powerlifter, he owns America's 4th most hardcore gym. Check out his channel for advice on nutrition, lifting and training.


#36. Rob Riches

Fitness model and competitor Rob has a honed, toned physique and he'll show you how to get it! His channel features training sessions, advice and healthy recipes that are awesome!


#37. Biolayne

Subscribe to Layne Norton's channel for bodybuilding and fitness advice with a difference - the dude has a PhD in nutritional sciences and has brains as well as brawn! For training and nutrition tips, you can't afford not to take a peek.


#38. Yoga With Adriene

With over 473k subscribers, Adriene Mishler's yoga channel is the place to head if you're looking to get into yoga. Her 30 Days of Yoga Challenge is a must for a calmer body and mind!

#39. Team DNA Fitness

Smash those fitness goals with Team DNA Fitness - motivating, inspiring workout videos that you can do at home, at the gym, or wherever.


#40. POPSUGAR Fitness

Get on the road to weight loss, stress relief and healthy living with one of our favourite YouTube channels, featuring the hottest workouts, healthy recipes and fitness trends - we love them!


#41. Nikki Blackketter

Nikki is a fitness professional offering workouts, macro coaching and her own range of apparel. Her videos are always fun, inspiring and motivational - you're sure to feel energised after her 7 Days of HIIT Challenge!


#42. Get Fit With Leyla

Leyla Naghizada will show you how to eat clean and get active with her health, wellness and fitness videos that have attracted over 57k subscribers. You'll find workouts, de-stress tips and amazing recipes like Raw Vegan Brownies.


#43. Steve Cook

College football player turned bodybuilder Steve Cook aims to help you live a healthier lifestyle that's balanced physically, mentally and spiritually.


#44. Omar Isuf

Nutritionist and personal trainer Omar transformed his physique in 3 years and he can help you to do the same! With over 296k subscribers, his channel is packed full of fitness tips and workouts to give you a great physique.


#45. Jessica Smith TV

For fitness made fun, certified personal trainer and wellness coach Jessica Smith's channel is a must. Weekly full-length workouts and challenges delivered straight to your inbox? Yes please!


#46. Lisa Maree

She may only have just over 36k subscribers, but 20 year old Lisa has been dancing for 17 years, and her range of dance videos includes ballet barre exercises, butt and core workouts and more. Her videos are easy to follow, and we think she's amazing!


#47. Blogilates

Cassey Ho's videos are always guaranteed to be fun - her pilates and body-sculpting workouts will help you get a lean, toned body.


#48. Rachel Guy

Australia's leading female strength and conditioning coach Rachel Guy's channel will help you get fit and toned, with videos such as 'How to Build a Booty' and 'Why Women Should Lift Heavy Weights' - we love this woman!


#49. Strength Camp

Elliott Hulse's channel has over 1m subscribers, and his mission is to help you become the strongest version of yourself. Strength coach, gym owner, pro strongman and author, his videos are motivational and inspirational.


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