6 Tips to tame your temper

Are you the kind of person who flies into a rage at the slightest thing? Or maybe you have a slow-burning temper that simmers until one day you explode! Whatever your anger style, we all get stressed from time to time - it's just human nature, and sometimes getting angry can actually be good for your health. But there are appropriate and inappropriate times for anger, and if you find yourself freaking out and losing your temper on a regular basis, these 6 anger management tips could help you to tame that temper!

#1. Wait until you're calm before acting

Don't say something you'll regret later - take a few moments out to calm down. Once you feel calmer, it's healthy to express your frustration, but make sure you do so in a calm, non-confrontational way. Sitting down to talk about what has made you angry can help to clarify any problems. The aim is to resolve your issues without getting stressed or angry; both of which can be bad for your health!

#2. Don't hold a grudge

Once you've resolved your issues, let those feelings of anger go. Holding a grudge for days, weeks, months or even years doesn't hurt anybody but yourself. It's too easy to allow anger and other negative feelings to crowd out positive feelings and make you unhappy. Forgiveness is powerful and it might be tough to forgive somebody who has angered you - but you will both learn from it and have a stronger friendship or relationship as a result. Holding a grudge will only make you bitter and jaded.

#3. Get some exercise

Exercise can help to clear your mind, calm you down and allow you to find solutions to problems - it's one of the reasons why going for a run is such a good way to de-stress! Next time you feel angry, squeeze in a workout, if you can. You don't need to go to the gym; if you're stuck at work and about to explode, even going for a brisk walk around the block or the local park can help to calm you down, release mood-boosting endorphins and leave you feeling clear-headed, so you're ready to resolve problems without anger. Yoga is a great tool for balancing mind and body, so fitting a yoga workout into your week can help to keep that temper under control!

#4. Meditate

Don't underestimate the power of meditation to help you feel calmer next time you feel like you're about to see red! Take yourself off to a quiet room (or a quiet corner of the office) for 5 minutes and meditate. The act of meditation helps you to be more mindful and aware of your feelings - is the thing that's making you angry really worth getting so stressed out over? Meditation calms your mind and body, which is great if tempers are frayed. Plus that five minutes of time out can help to calm everyone down, so you can resolve your differences without the need for anger and hostility. This works particularly well if you're getting angry at work - nobody wants to be unhappy in their job!

#5. Make a cup of tea

Did you know that tea can actually help you to feel less stressed out? If you're really on the brink of losing you s*** then we suggest a cup of chamomile tea. Chamomile has been used for centuries to calm, de-stress and help promote a great night's sleep, so whether you are angry with your partner or fuming over a disagreement at work, take some time out to brew a cup of tea and assess what you're so worked up about. We guarantee you'll feel better!

#6. Write it down

Monitoring your anger by keeping an 'anger diary' is a great way to track any anger patterns and situations that could cause your temper to flare. It might be the same old argument with your other half that's causing you grief, or a problem at work which you haven't yet identified. Recognising patterns in your behaviour before they develop into full-blown rage can help you to see when you need to take a time out or implement calming strategies to help you feel less stressed, nipping anger in the bud.

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 4th Nov 2015 at 16:07

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