7 Ways to banish back-to-work blues

Back-to-work blues. We all get them, whether you've just got back from two weeks on a beach in Thailand, have been off sick for a few days or you're even just not a fan of Monday mornings. It's common to feel a bit blue about going back to work after time off, but there are things you can do to extend that blissed out holiday feeling or make going back to work after a few days off feel less like the end of the world has come. Put down that pint of Ben & Jerry's, step away from Netflix and stop wallowing - going back to work can be fun (yes, really!)

#1. Get to know your colleagues

Whether you work in an office surrounded by people your own age, have a retail job or even work from home, getting to know the people you work with can make your job a whole lot more fun. Working as a freelancer can be a bit isolating at times, but there are still people you work with - it's just that you might not see them very often. Keeping in touch via email or social media can help you to stay connected when you work from home, whilst getting to know your colleagues in an office environment means you'll be the first to hear about any exciting news you've missed whilst you've been away. Plus, having someone to chat with on your coffee break makes every Monday morning that bit brighter!

#2. Keep that holiday vibe going

One of the best things about holidays? That relaxed, carefree feeling when you don't have to worry about deadlines, appointments and schedules. Try and keep that holiday vibe going when you get home - make social plans with friends so you have something to look forward to and try to be more organised at work. Planning out your week on a Sunday afternoon means Monday mornings will be less stressful - the more organised you are, the less you will panic and worry about meeting deadlines.

#3. Make time for a break

We all need a break during our working day, so don't let a heavy workload keep you at your desk from 8am to 5pm. Taking a break can help to improve your productivity and creativity as well as boosting your energy levels. Use your break wisely - rather than filling up on fatty, sugary snacks and downing black coffee when you're feeling tired, get out of the office for a lunchtime workout or even lunch at the park, or try some yoga or breathing exercises for relaxation at your desk!

#4. Plan your next break

What makes going back to worse less painful? Planning your next holiday! Booking a break abroad or even scheduling a few days off to catch up with friends and family gives you something to look forward to, which can help to keep you motivated, even when faced with a huge pile of paperwork and days worth of emails awaiting you on your return.

#5. Boost your energy levels

One of the worst things about going back to work after a holiday is that feeling of tiredness that suddenly hits you - suddenly you have three times as much work waiting for you as you did before your break! From pages of emails to scroll through and reply to, to a mountain of paperwork to face, it can all seem a bit much. Boosting your energy levels can help you to feel more motivated and ready to tackle the work head on. Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day gets your metabolism going, boosts energy levels and gets endorphins flowing, so you'll feel more energetic and less likely to suffer a mid-afternoon slump!

#6. Assess your job

Sometimes, going back to work can be coupled with a feeling of dread because you're just not happy in your current role. If you find yourself unhappy and stressed out at work more days than not, think about whether you're enjoying your job. Everyone has bad days, but if your job isn't challenging you or you find yourself feeling isolated amongst your colleagues, it might be time to speak to your boss or even look around for a new career move. We spend most of our week at work - so it's important to be happy there!

#7. Take on a new challenge

Taking on new challenges and setting yourself goals keeps life interesting. Look for a new challenge at work - take on a new project or get involved in a group activity. If work is quiet for you right now, you could take on a challenge in your personal life! Sign up for a marathon, take up a new activity (like dance classes or yoga) or learn a new language. Constantly challenging yourself keeps you motivated and makes returning to work that bit easier.

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 18th May 2015 at 13:59

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