Boost your mood with colour - it's easy!

We're all naturally programmed to react to colour, and colour can be used to enhance and influence our moods. Ever felt angry whilst wearing a red top, but calm and relaxed in your favourite blue jumper? That's what we're talking about. Wearing colour can boost your well-being and self-esteem, yet so many of us constantly stick to neutrals with a wardrobe full of black, grey, navy, white and brown.

It's time to boost your mood with bright, vibrant colours that make you feel good, improve your attention span or instil feelings of calm. Which colours should you be wearing today?


Green is said to balance the body and help settle nervousness and anxiety, so it's the ideal colour to wear if you're feeling unwell or have a big presentation at work. Choose emerald green if you suffer from redness in your skin - it helps to balance ruddiness. Green is also thought to represent good luck and health - in fact, in the 15th-century, it was the colour of choice for brides-to-be, said to represent fertility. Green is calming, soothing and great for stress.


Red is a bold, dramatic, warm colour which can evoke strong emotions. Red is said to enhance appetite, which is why it is used so often in restaurants, and whilst many of us associate red with love and warmth, it can also represent danger, excitement and intensity. It's said that wearing red will amplify any emotions you're already feeling, so it's best not to wear red if you feel angry!


Yellow is a bright, cheerful colour which could boost your metabolism (allegedly). Because it's so vibrant, it's the perfect colour to wear if you want to draw attention to yourself, but be cautious. Yellow can create feelings of anger and frustration - you're said to be more likely to lose your temper in a yellow room! Most people don't choose to wear a full-on yellow outfit, preferring to add hints of yellow with accessories.


Blue is most often used to create feeling of coolness, calmness and tranquility. Did you know that blue could make you more productive? Decorating your office in blue, if you work from home, could boost your productivity levels and make your working day a breeze (1)! However blue can also be a cold colour, creating feelings of sadness, so avoid blue if you are feeling depressed, anxious or suffering from SAD.


White has long been a symbol of innocence and purity - it's brightness means it can be used to create a sense of light and space in your home. White can also feel sterile, and wearing white when you're going out for a meal (such as Italian) isn't necessarily the best move, as it's the most likely colour to stain. If you want to feel polished and professional at your job interview, a crisp, white shirt works wonders.


Purple is the colour of royalty - it's also representative of wisdom and spirituality, and it is seen by many as a creative colour. So if you have a creative job, are lacking inspiration at work or carrying out DIY and decorating around your home, wearing purple could help get those creative juices flowing.


Pink is most commonly associated with love and romance, and it's thought to have a calming effect. Researchers found that painting prison cells in pink initially had a calming effect on inmates; but once the initial effect wore off, it actually made them more agitated. Pink is generally considered to be a feminine colour, but there's no reason why men can't wear it too. It looks great with a tan - so pack a pink t-shirt for your active holiday this summer!


Orange is considered to be an energetic colour which builds excitement and enthusiasm; it's also a warming colour which draws attention to the wearer. Orange is a great choice if you are presenting your ideas or pitching to a team and want to appear enthusiastic and motivated; wearing orange could help motivate others too!


Whilst many people associate brown with strength and reliability, it can also make you feel sad. Depending on the material clothes are made of, brown can either appear natural and conventional or sophisticated. You'll find loads of outdoor gear such as hiking equipment is brown in colour - there's not really a specific reason for that; maybe so it doesn't show the dirt so much? Whatever the reason, brown's a good colour to wear if you just want to feel level-headed and in control.


Black has attracted its fair share of negative connotations over the years - it has been used as a symbol of evil, associated with witchcraft and is thought to represent death and mourning. In Ancient Egypt, black represented the cycle of life and rebirth. But wearing black can be very slimming, and it creates a sophisticated look, whether you're sporting a healthy golden glow or are pale skinned. Use black alongside bright colours helps to tone them down, or team it with white for a sophisticated monochrome style that's ideal to wear to the office.

The colours you wear not only speak volumes about your personality and mood, they also have a direct influence on your emotional and physical well-being, so choose carefully next time you're shopping or even looking in your wardrobe for something to wear! Neutrals are all well and good, but don't be afraid to inject a little colour into your life; you'll notice the benefits.

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 25th Feb 2015 at 15:55

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