Stop being so busy - start living your life!

Are you one of those people who is always on the go with a to-do list a million miles long, yet you pride yourself on your insane productivity levels? if you spend your day frantically rushing from work to meetings to lunch to the gym and home again, it can be too easy to lose focus on what's important in your life and what actually matters.

Yes, work is important for most of us to make a living, but it's not the be all and end all - not only do you need a work/life balance but you need to ensure that the time you do have is spent in ways which benefit your health and happiness. Time is something we all wish we had more of - being more organised can definitely help you to get the most out of your day, but remember that multi-tasking and doing a million things at the same time will only leave you feeling worn out, not happier. There's no award for being the most productive friend, girlfriend, wife or mother. Slowing down your pace of life and easing the stress and pressure of being super-productive can help you to enjoy your life more. We've got 5 tips to help you stop and smell the roses.

#1. Change up your mornings

As soon as the alarm goes off, we bet you're feeling pressured to get s*** done, with a millon thoughts racing through your head. Making breakfast, making the bed, showering, sending emails - and that's all within the hour! Believe it or not thought, you can get everything done even if you ease into your day a little more slowly. Starting full-pelt can lead to a more stressful day and set the tone for the rest of your day. Escape morning madness by taking 5 minutes out to sit in bed after your alarm goes off and meditating, or get up and spend some time doing morning yoga.

#2. Take an honest look at time management

Do you find yourself constantly telling everyone, "I'm busy," when what you really mean is, "The thing you're asking me to do isn't my priority"? Time management isn't just about squeezing every last second out of your day - you need to really look at where your time is going and re-route it. If you're one of many of us who's guilty of wasting half an hour here and there on social media, is there a way you could cut this time back and use it to do something more relaxing or productive? Is all your time going into your job or working out? If you don't have any time for laughter, great conversation and friends and family, it's time to take an honest look at your time management.

#3. Take time out to eat

When you're tackling one task after another, eating isn't your priority and it's far too easy to find yourself just grabbing a bite here and there without taking the time to enjoy your food. At least once a day, you should sit down to a meal you've prepared, pay attention to what you're eating and take time to savour it. If that means turning off the TV and your smartphone, do it!

#4. Don't fear silence

We live in a fast-paced modern world where sometimes it seems like it's never silent - whenever you'r having a peaceful moment, it's interrupted by the beep of your phone. The voice in your head knows what's right for you and how you're really doing. Yet often we try to drown out our inner voice by staying constantly busy, surrounding ourselves with friends or watching TV all the time. Taking some time out to just sit in silence and think or meditate - yoga is great for this - can help you to get to the bottom of any problems in your life and make sure you're on the right track.

#5. Make time for what makes you happy

On your most anxious, stressed or depressed days, what gets you through? Is it speaking to your Mum on the phone? Perhaps it's taking time out to go for a run, cuddling with your cat or spending time with your partner? Identify what makes you happy and gives you an inner sense of calm and take some time to do this everyday - there is always time!

We get it - you're busy - but that doesn't mean that there isn't time for you to enjoy your life. Spend all your time being productive and life could pass you by! So make sure you're living your life in a way that makes you feel happy, fulfilled and healthy - the time to do that is now.

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 7th Aug 2015 at 15:05

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