Feng-Shui your workspace for success and prosperity

You might have heard of Feng-Shui before, or at this point you might be wondering what on earth we're talking about. Don't worry – it's all about to become clear. Feng-Shui, or the ancient art of arranging objects in order to attract positive energy, is a Chinese practice based on the belief that the physical objects in your surroundings can affect your life. Sweet! This means that if you arrange your surroundings in the right way, you can attract a positive flow of 'Chi' (energy) into your space, which will give those in the space a good boost of positive energy. Sounds like a win-win situation, right? We thought we'd look into the possibility of applying Feng-Shui principles to our desks at work, in a bid to make our workspace more positive and attract some seriously good energy into the Expertrain offices. Want to know how to Feng-Shui your workspace for success and prosperity? Just keep reading!

The basics of Feng-Shui

The Bagua Map is your basic tool for Feng-Shui, and it divides your space (your desk, office or entire home) into nine sections, each one corresponding to an area of your life. The nine different sections are:

- Wealth and Prosperity

- Fame and Reputation

- Love and Relationships

- Family and Physical Health

- Spiritual Health and Well-Being

- Children and Creativity

- Knowledge and Wisdom

- Career

- Travel and Helpful People

Looking at the Bagua Map, it's easy to see how each section corresponds to a different area on your desk, so have a think about which areas of your life you would like to focus on. It's best to choose just two or three. The positioning of your desk is also important. In an ideal world, it should be opposite the front door to your office; if you work from home, having it opposite the main door works well. Because we know your boss might not like it if you suddenly start re-arranging the office furniture to improve positive energy, placing a small mirror on your desk which reflects the door can also work if you're not able to move things. The idea behind this is that you can see career opportunities which come your way!

De-clutter your workspace

Cleaning and tidying your desk and organising it in a way which works for you (sorting pens into pots, using binders and organisers, sticking post-it notes up to remind you of important tasks etc.) can really boost your creativity and productivity, and we recommend taking some time to do this before you start thinking about Feng Shui. Done? Then get your Bagua Map and let's get started!

Dividing your desk

Visualise your desk or workspace divided into nine sections, as in the Bagua Map. Each section of the map is linked to its own colour; so if you're trying to enhance a particular area of your life, you can use objects of that colour. Focus on just two to three areas for the best results. For example, for a boost to your love life, you might want to try a pink plant or even pink desk accessories, whilst if a promotion is on the cards, some dark blue pens or a mouse mat may be helpful. Let's look at each of the sections in more detail, to help you organise your space!

Wealth and Prosperity – Purple

The far left corner of your desk represents wealth and prosperity. If you're green-fingered, a purple flowering plant works well here, but a jar of coins or a coloured vase can also help to attract prosperity into your life.

Fame and Reputation – Red

The centre back area of your desk is the place to target if you're looking to make a name for yourself. It's the perfect place to display a motivational picture, certificate or business cards.

Love and Relationships – Pink

The top right corner of your desk can help to attract love into your life or keep your relationships healthy. How about a photo of you and your significant other, or a pink flower?

Children and Creativity – White, Copper, Silver and Gold

The centre right section of your workspace is important for inspiration and creativity, which means it should be free from clutter at all times! Try placing a journal or sketchbook here, or something else that inspires you.

Travel and Helpful People – Grey

If you're going through a difficult time and need support from friends and family, or if you're planning travel adventures, place photos of your dream holiday destinations or your phone/address book in the front right area of your desk.

Career – Black

The front and centre of your desk relates to your career area; makes sense as it's where you'll do most of your work! For most of us, this is where our laptop or keyboard lives, but if they're not black, you can add other desk accessories. Try sticking some motivational quotes to your desk and keep the area clutter free.

Knowledge and Wisdom – Blue

If you're learning a new role, studying for exams or need a boost, the front left side of your desk is a good place to keep a reference book, as a sign of knowledge and wisdom.

Family and Physical Health – Green

Focus on the left centre area of your desk if you're suffering from any ailments (such as back pain or shoulder pain from long days spent at your desk) or if you want to encourage close connections with your family. A family picture in a wooden frame is ideal, or try a green plant to promote physical health at work.

Spiritual Health and Well-Being – Yellow

Promote a healthy mindset and atmosphere at work, and help alleviate depression with the sunniest colour around! Focus on the centre of your desk, keep it tidy and place something yellow here, such as a flower, to ensure you don't succumb to stress. Taking regular breaks from your desk also helps you to relax – we recommend a lunchtime workout for the ultimate way to banish stress!

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 1st Dec 2014 at 17:08

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