How to make friends in a new city

So, you’ve moved to a new city. New home, new job, new friends… Wait a second. How, as an adult, are you supposed to make new friends anyway?

When you’re the newbie to a city, it can feel overwhelming. Everyone else seems to have established their social circles already – so where do you fit? We’ve put together 7 tips to help you find your tribe and make yourself at home in your new place.

1. Who do you already know?

Ask around. Check in with old friends from back home, new neighbours and co-workers… Who can put you in touch with cool people in the area? It can feel scary to reach out and admit that you want to make friends, but the best thing to do when you need support is to ask for it. People love being ‘matchmakers.’ They’ll be happy to help.

2. Get sporty

Have a look in your local area for sports clubs you can join – a running club perhaps, or even just the local gym or yoga class. Getting active is a great way to meet like-minded people outside the workplace.

3. Get outside – even on your own

If you have no one to make plans with, it can be tempting to just not make any at all. After all, the TV will always be there for you. However, this is one of those situations (pretty much like every other in life) where bravery and vulnerability win out. By getting outside, even just for a walk around your neighbourhood, you’re exposing yourself to new possibilities and new opportunities. Being at home with your TV won’t have quite the same results.

4. Go to events

Book clubs, evening classes, open mic nights… There are a ton of great events happening every night. All you need to do is go.

5. Use the web to find your people

The internet can be a great tool for meeting people in real life, and is one such example. Input your interests and then browse a whole range of events you could be at tomorrow. Board game-lovers, bakers, meditators, random huggers – these are just a few of the groups that could be meeting in your city right now.

6. Give back

Adore animals? Head to a shelter and do some dog-walking. Love children? Get in touch with a local school and see if they need anyone to listen to kids read. By getting out and giving back, you’re putting yourself in a perfect position to meet people of like mind.

7. Keep at it

Rather than grabbing a drink with someone and then never speaking to them again, realise that, when you’re an adult, friendships take time and effort. It’s not like you’re going to see each other in class every day. So make the effort with your friendships. Send the texts. Make the plans. Commit to making these new friendships work.


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