Imagine your way to health, happiness and wellbeing


Everyone wants to be healthy, happy and have a general feeling of wellbeing. We all know the benefits of eating properly, not indulging to excess and trying to be positive when faced with the challenges of life. However, whilst many people rely on expensive diet plans, regular exercise and their social and family life to keep themselves well and happy, there is another way that can be cheaper, easier and more effective.

Your thinking and imagination control everything

In a simpler time, long before we were inundated with endless advice, health warnings from governments and expensive weight loss programs, people kept themselves happy and well by using common sense. Life was more simple, expectations were fewer and dissatisfaction was more rare. In short, people were satisfied with their lot, less stressed and therefore less likely to be the victims of ill health.

In today’s complex world, where peace and quiet is a rarity and time always in short supply, more people suffer from stress and ill health. It is almost as if people think themselves into stressful situations and, in many cases, they do.

The power of positive thought

The way we think affects the way in which we live. You can prove it to yourself. If you think bad things are likely to happen to you or that you are unwell, bad things will come into your life and your health will deteriorate. It follows therefore that if you think of good things and good health, they too will eventually materialise. Strange and unbelievable as this may sound, if you think back to periods where you were happy and well, you will probably find that it was some unexpected event that caused you to start thinking negatively, with the inevitable consequences.


The idea that we can think ourselves into health, happiness and well-being is not a new one; it’s been around for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used these techniques, now often called the ‘Law of Attraction', and many Eastern cultures still do. The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale (1952) brought these ancient methods into the modern world and Peale’s book is still a bestseller today. Brilliant as The Power of Positive Thinking is, however, the general ideas put forward therein can be consolidated into a much more simple plan that you can use every day in order to improve your life.

Imagination controls everything

Most people tend to think in pictures and sometimes, in sound. Any habitual worrier will imagine in graphic detail the worst possible outcome in any situation. Their ‘internal talkback system’ will confirm their pictorial imaginings and fill their head with even more negative emotions. The opposite is also true, however, and if they learn to imagine and picture the best and most positive outcome, not only does their worry disappear, but their physical health, general happiness and well-being also improve.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “...if you’re not careful, you’ll worry yourself into an early grave.” Given that worry causes stress and that stress in turn, causes ill-health, there is tremendous truth in the warning above. Thankfully, however, it is also true that, “...if you think good things, good things will come to you.”

To someone who is literally ‘worried sick’, this technique may sound like nonsense but, if you try it, you will find that the results can be astounding. The power of the imagination will override the power of your will, and your worry. The result is improved health and greater happiness.

Start feeling better today

Follow these simple tips for a week and experience the benefits:

• Whenever you face a challenge, picture vividly a positive outcome
• Eat only when you’re hungry, not when habit dictates
• Before going to sleep, picture yourself being well and happy
• Don’t associate with miserable people – they will infect you with their misery
• Imagine good things happening to you and good things really will come to you

Get into the habit of always doing the things listed above and you will feel healthier, have more energy, feel much less stressed and probably live a longer and happier life.


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