In pursuit of happiness

It seems more and more people these days are struggling with unhappiness. And this struggle can exist in various ways, either through discontentment, uncertainty, or mental health. ‘How to be happy’ is not a simple thing to answer. The modern world is full of pressures and stresses and, sometimes, these can be tough to get past; especially for the younger generations. Films and television are keen on stories that focus on how to find happiness, but are pretty loose in explaining how we can determine what will make ourselves happy.

And that is possibly the most important aspect of being happy. Happiness is not exactly something you can grab and hold onto. Happiness grows from the life you live, your wellbeing and health, as well as allowing yourself to see and think positively. Finding happiness is something that will happen differently for everyone, so your search for happiness needs to start within yourself.

What do you think happiness looks like?

Happiness is a vague and uncertain thing to look for. One person’s happiness might be another person’s nightmare. So, it’s no good looking for happiness if you don’t know what you expect to find. Think about what has made you happy in the past or why you feel unhappy now. Is your poor health or fitness getting you down? Do you need a new challenge? Maybe going for a run or seeing a friend will change your mindset, or maybe you’ll decide on a new ambition that will give you fulfilment. Work towards the things that drive you and happiness could well turn up along the way.

It is also worth making sure you evaluate your wellbeing in the right frame of mind. Again, with media placing so much importance on relationships and financial success, you may feel frustrated that you do not meet these standards. But, by really looking at what you enjoy and what you find important, you may discover that you are not far from happiness after all. Ignore what people say happiness should be and build your own idea of happiness for you and you alone.

What is keeping you from happiness?

So many people claim to be ‘stuck in a rut’ or ‘bogged down’ by their life, but what are they really blaming for this unhappiness. Finding how to be more happy will depend on positive action, so if you feel stuck or trapped, you need to actively look at why you think that. The obvious step to fix these feelings is a change of routine but what should you change. Is your job truly getting you down? Then, start looking for a new, more rewarding career for yourself. Tired of the same old surroundings? Take a trip, either locally or abroad, and expand the world of your experiences. A new culture can provide that spark of interest which can give your life whole new meaning.

Or, perhaps you feel trapped within yourself. Maybe you feel tired and lazy which is causing you unhappiness. It will sound obvious and may be difficult at the start, but getting out and improving your fitness will change your mood not just for the day but will start the journey to finding much more fulfilment in your life as a whole. A run gets you out of the house, better eating will give you more energy and an improved wellbeing will lead to an improved outlook on life.

The most important thing, though, is to go and change the things that are bothering you. You can read all the advice and make all the dreams you want, but without going out there to get the life you need, you will forever be sat wondering how to find happiness.

Happiness is not a goal in itself, because you will not be able to find happiness without finding something that makes you happy. And life is so much about how you get there rather than where you are going. So, rather than focusing on getting happiness in the future, just focus on not missing out on what is happening to you now. So much of the good in life comes when we least expect it that, by spending so long looking for happiness, it becomes far easy to miss when it comes our way.


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