How to look great in every holiday photo - #nofilter needed!

Sick of your friend's smiling, flawless instagram selfies or your family members never-ending holiday snaps where they look gorgeous, glowing and happy? The camera never lies and unfortunately, some of us just photograph better than others. So if you haven't been bless with supermodel ability in front of the camera, there's no need to stress out when trying to take a great selfie or posing for a holiday snap - we've got 8 tips to make sure you look great in every photo!

#1. Smile

This has to be the number one rule for looking good in photos - nobody likes a grumpy face! We take photos at happy moments (usually) or to capture special occasions, so you should always smile, whether it's a full on toothy grin from ear-to-ear or a shy smile. Looking after your teeth can help to give you the confidence to smile and look great in photos - brush twice a day with a fluroide toothpaste, use mouthwash and don't forget to floss. Oh, and regular dentist checkups at least twice yearly are essential, no optional!

#2. Look instantly slimmer

They say the camera adds 10lbs and whilst that may not be strictly true, the angle you're photographed at can often leave you looking chubby, bloated and totally unlike yourself in photos. Try tilting your body or face so you're not front-on to the camera - angles make your face look more interesting and can give the appearance of a slimmer silhouette. Think about photos you've seen in magazines or of celebrities - they're very rarely taken facing the camera straight on. Of course eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise can help you to look good in every photo, from every angle, so make the most of fresh produce, healthy salads and lighter options this summer.

#3. Watch out for lighting

Poor or harsh lighting - such as spotlights or striplights - can leave you feeling washed out as well as enhancing dark circles under your eyes. It can bring out the bags under your eyes, even if you don't have any! You won't always have control over the lighting, but if given the choice always opt for sunlight over overhead lighting and your pictures will turn out great!

#4. Stop stressing

Posing and worrying about what you look like can give off the wrong impression in photographs. Many of us spend far too much time trying to create 'perfect' selfies using filters and editing out our flaws, but we're actually taking away the things that make us unique. Instead of obsessing over your appearance, take a naturally beautiful photo in good light, when you feel happy - you'll see the difference straightaway. Remember, most of us worry we don't look good in photos whilst to other people, we look great!

#5. Don't take photos from below

Friends and family snapping pictures from below may leave you with the dreaded double-chin effect. If you seem to get this look in all photos, try elongating your neck slightly by pointing your chin out. Not too much mind you! This helps to give the appearance of a slimmer face.

#6. Strike a pose

If someone is snapping a full-length picture of you, a great pose to slim your arms and highlight the smallest part of your waist is to stand slightly side-on to the camera, with one hand on your hip. You'll notice this is a popular pose on the red carpet - and with good reason! We're not saying you should be striking a pose in every single picture, looking healthy and happy is far more important!

#7. Skip the makeup

It can be tempting to go to the beach or get in the pool with a full-face of supposedly waterproof makeup. Not only is this bad news for your skin - sun, sea, sand and sweat can all lead to clogged pores if you're caked in foundation - but it can also lead to some less-than-gorgeous photographs. Skip the makeup altogether and be confident in your own skin or wear a light layer of tinted moisturiser. Definitely steer clear of mascara - even the waterproof kind - if you're going to be swimming and don't forget a good sunscreen with SPF 30+. Most of us develop a light, healthy looking tan over the summer holidays, so makeup isn't necessary!

#8. Pick your moment

Ok, so sometimes your little brother is going to sneak into your room on holiday and take a picture of you as you wakeup - it's inevitable really. But most of the time you have control over when you're being photographed, so pick your happiest, most memorable moments. You don't need a face-full of makeup or a year-round tan to look good. Just be confident, smile and make the most of your holiday!

Remember these simple tips and you're sure to come home with a great selection of holiday photos - upload them to Facebook, share them on instagram or keep them private; it's up to you!

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 1st Jul 2015 at 15:18

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