Pedal your way to happiness

Pedal your way to fitness, health and happiness with a bicycle. Yes, it’s true, riding a bicycle is both fun and good for your well-being, and if you do it often enough, you’ll see a big difference in your fitness levels. If you want to boost your fitness and have some fun, cycling is the perfect answer. Here are five reasons why it will make you feel great:


You can spend a lot on the latest road bike, but you don’t need one to commute to work or to ride for fun. You can buy a basic hybrid bike for under £200; add a high-vis jacket and helmet and you’re kitted out. If you can commute, you’ll save a huge amount on train travel and car running costs.

No stress driving

People who drive to work get stressed, as many studies have shown. In one recent survey in the UK, drivers were found to have a higher heart rate – sometimes double the average – than a healthy adult. Cycling in busy traffic is not entirely stress free but more and more cycle lanes are appearing and things can only get better.

Boost energy levels

Commuters who actually enjoy travelling to work are those ones who run, walk or cycle and instead of arriving at work feeling tired already, as many car-drivers admit to, cyclists arrive awake, alert and ready to work! People who drive some days and cycle others also notice the difference.

Good for heart and brain

Research has shown that regular cycling can cut your risk of getting heart disease by half. Even short trips on your bike will make a huge difference, especially if your job is sedentary and you sit at a desk all day. Researchers also found that cyclists performed 15% better at mental tests after cycling as exercise helps the hippocampus – the part of brain responsible for memory – grow new cells.

Good for the skin

If you’re worried that all that outdoor activity will ravage your skin, research has shown that because cycling increases circulation, it actually decreases toxin levels and helps carry oxygen to the skin. It also boost collagen levels, which keeps the skin to stay elastic.

Cycling can be a fun, social activity that will enrich and improve your quality of life in many more ways than stated here. Cycling is one of the sports that you can take up at any age and the benefits will last a lifetime.
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