10 questions to ask yourself when you're feeling uninspired

It’s becoming more and more common for people to admit to work dissatisfaction. Only 30% of Americans say they enjoy their jobs, while a quarter of Brits hate theirs. But packing it all in and taking time to figure out our futures isn’t within the reach of most of us. So what do you do when you know you want to quit your job but you don’t know what else you’d do, or where to even start figuring it out?

We’ve gathered a series of questions for you to ask yourself when you’re feeling disillusioned and uninspired. Set aside an hour, grab some paper and a pencil for brainstorming purposes, give yourself permission to write freely and not overthink, and see what happens.

1. What would I do all day if money were no object?

If you knew that you had enough money to support yourself or that you didn’t even need money to survive, what would you be drawn to doing? Forget any need to pay the bills or keep a roof over your head. Dare to dream bigger. What could you do all day if you didn’t have to worry about getting paid?

2. Who would I be if I could be anyone else for a week?

Is there anyone whose career path you particularly admire? Who is that person? What is it about what they do that inspires you so much? It might not be the specific career you see on the surface that inspired you. Instead, it could be the industry they work within or the way they’ve forged their career path.

3. Which section of a book shop am I most drawn to?

Think about the times you’ve gone book shopping (or, let’s face it, simply browsing, which can be equally satisfying). Which are the sections that you gravitate towards? Is it travel, history, science or memoir? This can be very illuminating when it comes to figuring out your interests.

4. What can I easily talk about for hours?

Everyone has something that they can talk about for hours (given the chance). You might not believe you do, but think about it… Which subject makes you prick up your ears? Which can you simply not resist joining in a conversation about?

5. Who do I most love to spend time with?

We all have friends or acquaintances we get particularly excited about seeing. Who are they for you? What do you guys spend your time doing, and why do you enjoy their company so much? Think about who they are as a person and what that might tell you about where you see yourself going.

6. What would those closest to me say I’m best at doing?

Don’t know? Then this is the time to ask. Often, other people know us and our strengths better than we do. So ask them. “What do you think I’m good at?” You might be surprised by the answers.

7. What kind of kid was I?

This could be another chance to chat with those who knew you best as a child. What do you and they remember about that time? What did you spend your time doing? What was your personality like? What did you enjoy most at school?

8. What do people ask me for help with?

This one might be trickier to answer as we don’t always notice when we’re asked for help. But there could be something significant in the answer, even if it’s seemingly small. Do people ask for your help with planning and organisation, fixing things, or home décor? Maybe you’re a dab hand at crafting killer CVs and your spelling and punctuation are always on point.

9. What makes me feel least insecure?

It’s not always easy to come up with the things we like most about ourselves. When asked about our strengths, it’s easy to shy away from answering. Perhaps we don’t want to seem boastful, or maybe we’re so hard on ourselves that we genuinely don’t know how to respond. Instead of thinking about what you’re best at or what you like most about yourself, reframe it: what do you dislike the least?

10. What is most fun for me?

This one is self-explanatory – what do you really, really like to do? If it’s painting, for instance, could you pursue this further? If it’s dancing, perhaps you could learn to teach others. What do you have the most fun doing?

Don’t be disappointed if you answer all of these questions and you still don’t know precisely what you want to do with your life. It’s a process, and this is just the beginning. Being more self-aware and learning what makes you tick is the first step.

We’d love to know what these questions brought up for you. If you learnt something new about yourself, confirmed what you secretly knew, or came up with some cool ideas for your future, let us know in the comments!


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