10 Reasons to be grateful for your bootylicious butt

Blessed with more junk in your trunk than Kim Kardshian, more bootylicious booty than Beyonce? Hey, that's okay. Butts don't have to be small and perky to be beautiful, in fact we know plenty of people who prefer a curvaceous butt anyday. We might moan about the size of our butts to our friends, boyfriends -and anyone within earshot - but deep down we love them, don't we? Here are 10 reasons to be grateful for your bootylicious butt, no matter what your flat-assed friends say!

#1. Jeans always fit well in the butt

Shopping with your friends, they're always moaning that trying on jeans is a nightmare - they're just too big in the butt! You're never going to have this problem; jeans will hug your curves tightly and make your bum look great, no matter how curvy you are!

#2. You get a seat to yourself on the bus/tube

Big-bottomed women everywhere rejoice! No more sharing your seat with strangers - they're headed up the aisle to sit next to the skinny guy with the tiny butt. You can enjoy a whole seat to yourself on your morning commute! Seriously though, as anyone who has ever travelled on a busy London bus knows, this is quite an achievement.

#3. There are plenty of booty anthems to shake your thing to

Whether you're a fan of 'All About That Bass' or prefer 'Baby Got Back' (or maybe 'Fat Bottomed Girls' is your personal anthem?), you'll never be without a track to shake your ass to on the dance floor? See, everybody loves a curvy butt! If you're looking to tone up your butt, why not try our exercises to sculpt the perfect butt?

#4. They love to watch you leave

Argument with your boyfriend? Pouring a drink over your date after things have gone wrong? One thing is for sure, men love to watch curvy girls leave, and there's only one place his eyes will be when you make your dramatic exit.

#5. You'll never get a sore bum at spin class

Forgot your cycling seat pad? You have plenty of your own padding, thank you very much. So you can enjoy your class without worrying about your butt!

#6. You save money on dog and cat beds

When your pet's looking for somewhere to snuggle up, there's only one place they want to be, lazing on your butt as you're lying on the bed reading. It's kind of like a pillow, after all, and they certainly seem comfortable, so who are you to argue?!

#7. Your boyfriend can't get enough of it

Whether that means coming up with new sexual positions to try in order for him to get the best view or just giving it a cheeky squeeze as you go upstairs, men love a curvy butt - who wouldn't? So whilst you might want to stick to your healthy eating plan to shed a few pounds in other areas, be proud of your curvaceous, bootylicious butt - it's special!

#8. You rock a belfie

Selfie, belfie - what the?! Yes, Kim Kardashian may have made the 'belfie' (butt selfie) famous, but you can rock it with the best of them when it comes to posting your own take on instagram. Even if you're not bold enough to do that, you've taken some great belfies for your boyfriend in your time - what's sexier than being body-confident? Not a lot.

#9. You always feel sexy

Bad hair day? Broken up with your man? Doesn't matter, you still feel sexy, and you have your butt to thank for that. Working out those glutes has given you a great shape that you're proud of, even if the rest of your body still needs some time at the gym!

#10. You look great in bodycon

Bodycon dresses and skirts aren't just for size 0 waifs. A curvy girl with a round butt in a bodycon number is simply stunning - just try it and you'll see what we mean! The stretch of the material is perfect for hugging your butt and making it stand out, so if you've worked hard in the gym with all those squats and lunges, don't be afraid to show it off.

There's nothing sexier than loving your body - whatever size you are. With so much photoshopping going on in the media, it's time that we celebrate women's bodies of all sizes, so if you're curvy, flaunt those curves and be proud of your bootylicious butt!

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 3rd Apr 2015 at 16:04

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