18 Signs you're doing better than you think you are

Since we're thinking about self-love and self-worth today, we know it's all too easy to think that you're not doing that well in life. A bad day (or week) can set you back and give you a serious case of the blues, but stop right there! Chances are, you're not doing badly at all - in fact, here are 18 signs you're doing better than you think.

#1. You've paid the bills

It might have been painful to watch the money for rent/mortgage and utilities leave your account, but you've managed to pay them for another month, and maybe still have a little left over to enjoy yourself. Well done you!

#2. You have a job

It doesn't matter where you work, for how many hours, or even if it's your dream job; the point is, you've secured yourself a means of making a living, and you're working hard at it. You might not work there forever, but it's still an achievement.

#3. You never worry where your next meal's coming from

You have enough money in the bank to know that you can afford to eat every month - you're not living in poverty and you can afford the essentials you need to survive, even if little luxuries are out of reach right now.

#4. You can eat for enjoyment

Eating isn't just about survival for you - you're earning enough to choose what you want to eat and when; experimenting with healthy recipes and cooking for fun are regular occurrences in your life.

#5. You have free time to do things you enjoy

Whether that's going on a night out with friends, hitting the gym or just watching Netflix with a healthy dinner, you don't have to work 24/7 to survive and you have at least a little time each day that's yours.

#6. You've become a different person

You're constantly growing and changing - you're not the same person you were a year ago. You've let life's experiences shape you, and you like who you are becoming.

#7. You can choose what to wear

When it's cold outside, you don't have to worry about being able to afford a hat, scarf and gloves - when the sun is shining, you have plenty of summer outfits and sandals to choose from. It might not seem like a luxury, but it is.

#8. You have time and money to pursue your hobbies

Taking up knitting, starting bouldering, joining the gym - these all take up time and cost money. Lucky you, you've worked hard enough that you have the time and the cash to pursue your hobbies in your leisure time.

#9. You have your own space

Maybe you have your own apartment or house, or maybe you share a house with others - the point is, you have your own little corner of the universe, even if that's a shared room with a bed and a desk in the corner. It's somewhere you can go to relax and unwind after a stressful day, and not everybody is lucky enough to have that!

#10. You've loved and lost

You've been in love, and you've suffered through breakups. The point is, both you and your partner knew when it was time to say goodbye and move on to something new - you've grown from the experience and you won't settle for second-best.

#11. You're good at taking care of yourself

Over the years, you've learned how much sleep you need to stop yourself slumping over your keyboard at lunchtime, and you know what to do when you don't feel well. You even know who to turn to when life's getting you down. You've become pretty good at cheering yourself up, without turning to a tub of Ben & Jerry's for solace.

#12. You have goals and dreams

Ok, so maybe that round-the-world trip isn't going to happen JUST yet, but the point is that you have goals, dreams and aspirations, and you're working towards them. Just the very fact that you have things you'd like to achieve motivates you and helps you to aspire to become a better person.

#13. You don't over-plan your life

You know that control is an illusion, and that there are some things in life which are out of our control. You've accepted this and learned to live with it, so you roll with the punches then get back up and carry on. Whilst you have goals and dreams, you don't feel the need to control every aspect of your life.

#14. You're passionate about something

It doesn't matter whether that something is learning a new language, finding out more about healthy eating, going to the gym or foreign travel - the point is, you're interested enough in something to find out more about it and to do it. That passion and enthusiasm is what makes you happy and makes life worth living!

#15. You're aware of what's right (and wrong) in your life

You might not be sure how to fix the things that are wrong, but you can identify when something isn't working for you and spot things that are making you unhappy. Self-awareness is the key to happiness.

#16. You can afford a morning coffee, petrol for your car or a train ticket to get to work

These little necessities that many of us take for granted everyday are luxuries to others - so be grateful that you're in the position to afford things you think are essential, and don't ever take them for granted.

#17. You have at least one really close friend

As we get older, we realise that huge circles of friends aren't necessarily the way forward. Having one or two really close, loyal friends is far more important, and a solid support network can help to prevent loneliness, depression and anxiety. Keep your friends close - you never know when you might need them!

#18. You're open to growth and change

Some days you might feel miserable, wondering if there's more to life. This is normal - it just means you're self-aware. The happiest, most fulfilled individuals are those who are constantly questioning and striving for more. Going home at the end of the day and wondering what you could do differently just shows you're in tune with your wants and desires.

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 12th Feb 2015 at 15:54

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