Single doesn't have to mean sad in 2015

Whether you've been single throughout the Christmas and New Year period or have suffered a relationship breakup over the holidays (it's more common than you might think!), being single in winter can be hard. In fact, being single at any time of year can be a challenge, particularly if your friends are all coupled up and you're feeling left on the shelf. However, being single actually give you a great opportunity to put yourself first for a change. It's a time to embrace what make you unique and spend time doing the things you've always wanted to do - single doesn't have to mean sad! Who knows - the man or woman of your dreams could be right around the corner, so it's important to make the most of the time you have to be single to enjoy yourself and grow as a person. We think being single is pretty underrated - here's why...

You can travel the world - at a moment's notice

Ok, so romantic trips to Paris might be off the cards, but if you're young, free and single, you can pretty much go wherever, whenever you like! Friends heading off to Budapest for a wild weekend? Family invited you on a trip to New York? There's no need to wait around for your other half, just pack your bags and go. Being single also gives you a great opportunity to travel for longer periods, or even spend some time living and working abroad. In today's digital era, with so many of us working from home, it's possible to live anywhere in the world and work remotely, something you just won't be able to do once you get married and have children. Why not book an activity holiday to get fit abroad?

No more deciding which film to see

Some couples just can't decide on a film, whether they're at home in front of Netflix or at the cinema - you know how it can be! He wants to see the latest action-packed blockbuster, whilst she's more into the latest romantic comedy or independent release. It can be hard to agree, and one of you usually ends up feeling short-changed as you give in to the other person's demands. When you're single, there's nobody else to argue with about the choice of film, so you can watch whatever motivational movie, chick flick or thriller takes your fancy. Chances are, many of your friends share your taste in films, so you can go to the cinema with them instead of your other half. Think of all the great films you'll be able to see this winter!

Time to focus on your goals and ambitions

Most of us have made at least one New Year's resolution, and for many of us our main resolution is to get healthy and fit in 2015. Being part of a cosy couple may mean you have somebody to snuggle on the couch with when it's cold outside, but being comfortable could actually lead to weight gain - having a boyfriend (or girlfriend) could be making you fat (1)! Spending more time at home, cooking romantic meals for two and leading a more sedentary lifestyle could all contribute to weight gain. Being single means there's nobody to complain when you hit the gym for the fifth night in a row - you can workout at 3am if you choose to! It's also a time when you can really focus on what you want to achieve - maybe you've always wanted to travel the world, or perhaps you want to go back into education and study for a new career? Often, we put work and other commitments second to our relationship - there's nothing wrong with that, but this is why being single could be good news for your professional life, and your social life!

Spend time with friends, and make new ones

I'm sure you're guilty of neglecting your friends a bit in the first throes of a new relationship - we all do it from time to time. Friends are important, and it can become harder to meet new people as you get older. So make the most of being single by spending as much time as you can with your friends, and sign up for events and activities that will allow you to meet new people and broaden your social circle. This also helps to boost your confidence and self-esteem, so that when you do meet the right person, you'll be ready for a relationship.

Get stuck into projects

You know those rainy-day projects that you never seem to have the time to do? Like repainting your apartment, shopping for new furniture or finishing off that DIY? Now's the time to tackle them. You might even find yourself a new hobby! Creative pursuits such as DIY and interior design are a great way to turn your house into a home, and they'll also boost your mood and leave you feeling like you have accomplished something. You don't need to worry about neglecting your other half, as you'll have all the time in the world to focus on your projects.

Stay up late - or go to bed early

If you've ever been with a partner whose body clock didn't match yours, you'll know how challenging it can be! If you're an early riser, dating (or living with) a night owl who likes to stay up late and cat nap during the day can be seriously irritating! The good news is that if you're single, you can choose what time to go to bed - so if you fancy curling up with a mug of cocoa and a book at 8pm, who's to stop you? The same applies if you fancy watching horror movies or decorating your flat until the sun comes up - it's your choice! Just remember not to have too many late nights; we all need around 8 hours sleep and you'll feel your best if you go to bed at around the same time every night.

Change your diet - resist temptation

Living with your girlfriend or boyfriend can be lovely, but what about if their idea of healthy eating doesn't quite match yours? A fridge and cupboard packed with cakes, biscuits and crisps can be tempting, particularly if you're trying to eat healthily. Shopping for one means you can stock up on fruit, vegetables, whole grains and pulses - if the naughty snacks aren't there, you won't be tempted to eat them! Watch out for low-fat or sugar-free versions of your favourite foods, as these can often contain more additives and artificial ingredients than the original version. Sometimes it's better to have a smaller serving of full-fat mayo than it is to slather your sandwich with the reduced-fat stuff! You'll have more time for cooking when you're single too, so you can whip up healthy, delicious packed lunches, breakfasts and dinners without anybody complaining that they don't like it. Win!

See, there's no need to feel sad about being single - don't focus on finding your next relationship; use the time wisely to enjoy your life and start living it to the full. You might surprise yourself!

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 7th Jan 2015 at 12:42

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