What are you waiting for? 10 Things to do before summer's over

Summer is the best time of year to motivate yourself to try new things - the sun is shining and the weather is beautiful. A seasonal to-do list ensures you won't miss out on any adventures this summer - so what are you waiting for? We've got 10 things you should definitely do this summer to get you started, and you can add as many things to this list as you like!

#1. Take a spontaneous road trip

Relinquish control and do something impulsive on your time off work this summer. Pack your camera, get your playlist ready then grab a mate or two and hit the road to see somewhere you've always wanted to see - the world's your oyster!

#2. Find your new favourite book

Reading engages your brain far more than slumping in front of the TV, leaving it difficult to find room for worries or feeling stressed out. But it needs to be a book that excites you and engages you, and shopping for new books is half the fun (well, we think so anyway)! Try hunting down best-seller lists or wandering around your local bookshop to see what catches your eye. Recommendations from friends and family are also great, and if you have a Kindle you can usually find interesting books recommended for you and daily/weekly deals.

#3. De-clutter your life

Start with your wardrobe and you'll be surprised at how many clothes you can accmuluate that you just don't wear or need. De-cluttering can help you to recognise what you actually need vs what you could get rid of. Sort items into piles and anything you haven't worn in a year can be donated to charity, or hold a clothes swap with your friends. Then try organising the remaining outfits in a way that suits you, whether that's by colour, style, season etc.

#4. Surprise someone

Throwing a surprise celebration for someone special in your life is a great way to show them you care. Whether it's their birthday, an anniversary or another special occasion, do something different that they'll always remember. Host a surprise fancy dress party, take them away on a murder mystery weekend, book tickets to a show, go dancing or enjoy a road trip together, just the two of you!

#5. Get stuck into something creative

An art or craft class is a great way to relax and unwind, and there are plenty of ways to unleash your creativity and engage your brain. Pottery, woodwork, painting, life drawing, sewing - even a writing class are all excellent choices. You could uncover hidden talents whilst trying something new, but whatever happens, you're going to have loads of fun!

#6. Find a new hobby

Doing the same old push-ups, lifting and treadmill workouts at the gym is not only boring, it can become less effective over time as yout muscles anticipate and get used to the exercises. Why not sign up to try a new activity this summer? Bouldering, dancing, boxing, outdoor fitness classes (such as those held by Expertrain's Tom Gilbert) or even aerial fitness classes are all a great idea. You could find yourself a new hobby as well as shaking up your workout routine so you look and feel great - plus summer is a great time to try outdoor activities.

#7. Take a phone-free holiday

You might not want to jet off abroad and leave your phone behind, but making large parts of you summer holiday a phone-free zone can help you to relax. Heading down to the hotel pool to soak up the sun? Try leaving your phone in your room. Meeting friends for drinks and dinner? Switch your phone off and take it in your bag or leave it at your accommodation. Instead of spending your holiday taking selfies and checking Facebook, connect with the world around you without any distractions.

#8. Host a beach party

If you're lucky enough to live within travelling distance of a beach, or even if you're on holiday abroad, a beach BBQ is a great way to bring people together! Sun, sea, sad and maybe even some beach volleyball entertains all ages and you're guaranteed happiness and plenty of laughs all round.

#9. Volunteer for a good cause

Did you know that volunteering could actually make you happier? Whether it's at an animal shelter, school, hospital, food bank, soup kitchen or somewhere else, volunteering helps to give you a sense of purpose and give back to your local community. Meet new people and do something positive with your free time this summer.

#10. Explore local markets

Most of us have markets in our local area, whether they're farmers markets selling organic produce or flea markets stacked high with vintage finds and antiques. Exploring these markets on the weekends is great fun and you can often nab yourself a bargain - vintage finds usually come with an interesting history and are completely unique. High-quality local produce can be bought for reasonable prices, and you're supporting local producers too!

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 16th Jul 2015 at 16:33

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