The 10 Types of men you meet on dating websites

Let's not deny that online dating can be a bit of a minefield - you're putting yourself out there so that anyone can contact you, and you'll meet all kinds of people online! Logging on with the hope of finding love can become a chore if you're not careful. But we've got a handy guide to the 10 types of men you'll meet on dating websites; from men who never intend to meet you to serial-daters. Check them out and watch out for these men next time you're browsing the profiles on Plenty of Fish or hunting for 'the one' on!

#1. The Desperado

He's hit the big 4-0 and surprise surprise, he's the only one out of his group of friends who isn't coupled up. Good news if you're looking for commitment - this guy is too, and he's more than ready to settle down. The bad news? He's not too bothered who he actually settles down with. This type of man tends to move fast and shower you with affection, which can be flattering, but the relationship won't have any longevity unless you're both feeling it!

#2. The Comedian

"My friends tell me I'm funny." Spot the comedian by his usually not-so-amusing profile. For some reason sexist one-liners or puns seem to be amongst the most popular jokes for men to include on their online dating profiles - that's not a turn-on, ever! Anybody who needs to tell you how funny they are, and back it up with just how funny their friends/family/dog thinks they are just isn't going to make you laugh, period. Why tell you how funny they are if they could just have you in stitches? Avoid unless you don't mind bad jokes....don't say we didn't warn you!

#3. The Long-Distance Lover

"Wow, we have so much in common. Did I mention I live in Inverness?" If you live in London and you're getting messages from men who seem interested but live at the other end of the country, it's best to move on. Whether they come to London for business once a month or twice a year, it's never going to work if you can't see each other in person to get to know each other - online dating is hard enough without the added pressure of distance!

#4. The Pathological Liar

One minute he's 6 foot, then he's 5 foot 8", then he's 'athletic' build, then 'a few extra pounds.' Of course, he could be working out to change his body shape, but that isn't going to affect his height! Avoid anyone who lies about their age, build, height, job...the list goes on. If he can't be honest on an online dating profile, how do you hope to trust this person in real life? One good point is that the pathological liar rarely intends to meet up with anyone (that's why he can get away with fabricating things), so you won't be disappointed when you find out he doesn't look anything like his profile picture.

#5. The 'Houdini'

Intense emails that go on for pages, 4am Skype chats and phonecalls - telling each other you've never felt this way before and you can't wait to meet. Sound too good to be true? The Houdini builds you up and then disappears, usually with no explanation. Did he meet somebody else? Has he been hit by a bus? You'll never know, so don't waste your time wondering. 

#6. The Doting Dad

Yes, his kids are incredibly sweet and they're his world. But he doesn't need to broadcast that on an online dating profile - there's a time and a place! We get that your kids are amazing - but we don't need to hear every detail of their lives in your initial introduction message. Save that for when we know you better!

#7. The Fun Guy

Spend some time online dating and you're bound to get those messages asking you if you're 'up for fun'. We're all adults and we know that this basically just means casual sex - and if that's what you're looking for, then provided you practice safe sex (and you can handle a casual relationship emotionally) then there's no reason why you shouldn't chat to this person. But make sure you're honest about what you're after, and avoid anyone who tries to send you inappropriate pictures before you've even chatted (it does happen)!

#8. The Fast Mover

Similar to the Fun Guy, the Fast Mover likes to take things at his pace. His first message is probably littered with innuendos, winky faces - possibly even a suggestion of 'Netflix and chill' at his place. Anyone who wants to date you - whether that's for a serious relationship or even casually - won't expect you to come to their house on the first meeting. For one thing, you don't know this person; they could be anybody and you should always make sure you meet men from dating sites somewhere public (and let a friend know when you get home safely). In short, the Fast Mover is to be avoided - what's the rush, anyway?

#9. The Serial Dater

The Serial Dater clocks up a serious amount of time online and when you ask how many people they've dated off the site, their vague answer of,  'I can't remember,' lets you know we're talking triple figures here. This man is here for the dates - pure and simple. His aim is to meet as many women as possible and see where that takes him. There's nothing wrong with going on a few dates, but this man takes it to a whole new level!

#10. The Normal Guy

Don't lose hope after you've sifted through hundreds of messages and inappropriate (read, half-naked) selfies. Normal guys *do* exist on dating websites, and sooner or later, you're going to come across the person that's right for you! Make sure you're clear about what you want and your boundaries and you'll be fine.

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 9th Dec 2015 at 16:00

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