Unemployed? Here's how to stay motivated and bag your dream job!

So, you've left school or graduated from university and you're looking for a job? Or maybe you've recently been made redundant and are on the lookout for a new job? Whatever your reasons for unemployment, it can be a struggle to stay motivated when all you really feel like doing is crawling back under your covers and going to sleep! But staying motivated during your job search is important for your health, happiness and future job prospects.

We know hunting for a job in today's economy can be tough, but there's no reason you can't take your first step towards your dream job today. We've got 5 tips to help you stay motivated and bag the job of your dreams, starting now!

#1. Stick to your usual routine

It might sound obvious, but sticking to your regular routine of getting out of bed, showered, eating breakfast and getting on with your day still applies, even if you don't have work to go to. By letting your routine slide and lazing around the house all day, you'll feel demotivated and could even start to suffer from depression or social anxiety. Make the effort to start your day positively - that means getting up early, getting washed and dressed, preparing a healthy breakfast and maybe even heading out on a morning run or hitting the gym. Then it's time to dedicate at least a few hours of your day to job hunting - that means sending out your CV, scouring job adverts, updating your portfolio (if you're looking for a creative role) or blog and maybe spending some time using social media to make new connections. We recommend spending at least 2 to 3 hours a day on your job search, either in the morning or broken into smaller chunks throughout the day.

#2. Pound the pavements

Getting out there and speaking to people in person, or networking, can really enhance your chances of getting the career you want. It's too easy to hide behind emails, and with hundreds or even thousands of candidates for every job, you'll stand out if you show up in person or even make a phonecall. We're not suggesting your should harass employers who have advertised a vacancy by showing up on their doorstep! But if there is a particular company you're interested in working for, making an appointment to meet their head of recruiting or even dropping your CV in in person can make a good first impression. If you're a freelancer or planning on working for yourself, networking at events in your city could help you to get noticed and meet new people - and make sure you take a stack of business cards with you!

#3. Think about your skills

It can be tempting to apply for the first well-paid job you spot, but there's more to life than money. You want a job which is going to make you happy - after all, you'll be spending a huge percentage of your time there! So really think about your skills, interests and what you want from a job. It might be that the idea of being stuck behind a desk all day leaves you cold, in which case a job where you can get out and about might suit you. Perhaps you studied languages at university? A multi-lingual job could allow you to tap into this specialist skill to grow your career. Don't just settle for a well-paid job in a field which doesn't interest you; take the time to hunt down something which will satisfy you and make you happy.

#4. Go to every interview

Been offered an interview for that office role you applied for on a whim? It can be tempting to avoid interviews if you're not that excited by the prospect of the job, but you shouldn't do this. Every interview you go to is good experience for your next one, and the more interviews you attend, the more confident you will become with them. So even if you're not keen on working in retail, going along for the interview is a good idea - and who knows, you may find the job appeals to you more than you thought it would!

#5. Stay fit and healthy

Letting your health and fitness slide is all too easy when you're unemployed. Without the constraints of a 9 to 5, you could find yourself snacking at all hours of the day and night, staying up late watching telly and skipping the gym in favour of a lazy lie-in. Stop right there! Ensuring you stay fit and healthy will boost your happiness, which will in turn make you feel more confident and likely to succeed in your job hunt. We know, it can be a struggle doing a healthy food shop, eating well, going to the gym and looking after yourself - but once you start, it gets easier! The benefits are well worth it too as you'll look and feel great! Try out some our healthy recipes and workouts to keep you on track whilst you're hunting for your dream job.

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 14th Aug 2015 at 09:56

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