What's your sleeping position saying about your relationship?

One of the best things about being coupled up is cosying up together in bed. But what position do you sleep in? Do you spoon, snuggle or take up opposite sides of the mattress? We're only asking because it turns out your sleeping position with your partner can not only tell you a lot about the type of relationship you have, it can also reveal your true feelings for each other! The way you sleep is controlled by our subconscious, so your body language as you drift off to the land of nod can help you to see your relationship as it truly is.

We're going to take a look at 11 different sleeping positions and tell you what they mean - which is closest to the way you and your other half nod off?

The Spoon

Spooning is probably one of the cosiest sleep positions and whether you're the big spoon or the little spoon, there is no denying this is a fairly sexual position, favoured by those who are comfortable being intimate with their partner. Surprisingly, only around 18% of couples like to sleep like this - it's a position which indicates trust, comfort and protectiveness - lovely, in otherwords.

The Chasing Spoon

This position is similar to the standard spoon, but one partner has moved away from the centre of the bed into their own space and is being 'chased' by the other person. It could just be down to wanting more space to sleep - or it could mean the partner moving away wants to be pursued by their other half.

The Loose Spoon

This is almost identical to traditional spooning, but there's a bit more space between the two of you. Common amongst couples in secure, long-term relationships, this position indicates that you're comfortable with each other and don't feel the need to be constantly touching.

Back Kisses

If you and your sweetie like to fall asleep with your backs touching, it means you're close yet independent and value your own space - important for a healthy relationship! Your spine and butts are touching, which maintains a sexual connection. Either you're a new couple and you trust each other completely or you have been together for ages and have reached a stage where you're comfortable enough to relax completely around each other.

The Protector

When both of you are lying on your back, with one of your resting your head on the other's shoulder, it's a very protective position. Sleeping on your back indicates you both have big personalities and this position means you're confident in your relationship and have a deep understanding of each other.

The Liberty Lovers

Sleeping back-to-back but with some space between you could seem like you're not especially connected to your partner. But this position actually indicates you're secure and connected. You're the kind of couple that values their independence and having their own space, but makes the most of their time together.

The Chest Nuzzle

This position is popular amongst couples in new relationships and it's a sign of protection and trust. When one of you sleeps with your head resting on the other's chest, the partner sleeping on their back is using their power to protect their lover. The partner resting on the chest is perfectly capable of being independent but also deeply in love with and appreciative of their other half.

The Tangled Twosome

Anyone who is in the first flushes of a new relationship (could it be love?) will recognise The Tangle. When you're lying on your sides, legs intertwined, bodies touching and your arms around each other, you could hardly get any closer! This intimate position means you simply can't get enough of each other. But if you've been together more than six months, watch out. Sleeping in this way could mean you're too dependent on each other.

The Leg Hug

Sleeping with your legs entwined can indicate that one partner is craving a close connection with the other, if only one of you is doing the hugging. If you're both entwined, you have a strong emotional and sexual connection! Then there are those who say the casual contact of this position could mean that one or both of you struggles to express affection.

Stomach Snoozers

Do both of you sleep face down, not touching? You might want to have a chat about how things are going in your relationship! This isn't an intimate position, and it could indicate a lack of sexual trust. Sleeping face down is a position which protects the front of your body, so it could be that you're worried about appearing vulnerable or losing control.

The Bed Hog

We've all been with someone at one point or another who was bad news. The partner who sprawls out on the bed, taking up all the space (and the covers) and paying no regard to you or your space - it might be time to ditch them, just saying! This position is indicative of somebody who is selfish and doesn't care about your needs. The partner dominating the bed probably also dominates the relationship. and leaves their partner to play a submissive role.

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 19th Oct 2015 at 14:56

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